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Publish Date : 30 May 2022 - 21:35

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- Iranian film ‘Gallu’ has been awarded at the Vanilla Palm Film Festival & Art Competition in the U.S.
Bagging five nominations in various sections of the event, the film directed by Kasra Tirsahar won the award for the Best Foreign Language Film.
The film is about a rural man who accidentally finds a piece of meat. After cooking that, he notices its strange taste.
The man gets mad at this and searches for another meat that tastes the same, but the quest unleashes a series of catastrophes.
‘Gallu’ has so far participated in several international film festivals including the Blackboard International Film Festival in India, the Cannes World Film Festival, and the Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival (MIYVMF) in the U.S.
The Vanilla Palm Film Festival & Art Competition aims to reward good storytellers and showcase their talent to the world regardless of their budget or resume.
This year’s edition of the event was held on May 12-14.

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