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Publish Date : 27 May 2022 - 21:24
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The world would indeed be a peaceful place if the criminal cliques that rule the United States of America (USA), whether Democrat or Republican, were to abide by international law and cease terrorization of nations.
This is nothing but wishful thinking. Washington, where thugs and rogues rule the roost, will never end its crimes against humanity, unless the free world unites to decisively confront it.
A glance around the globe shows that because of the state terrorism of the US the world has been plunged into wars, bloodshed, genocide, occupation, economic recession, poverty, piracy, repression of masses by unrepresentative regimes, and even destruction of the natural environment. 
It is the US which pushed Ukraine into an undesirable war, in a bid to weaken, isolate, and blame Russia. It is the US which holds, not just most of the so-called third world, but also industrialized Europe, as hostage to its hegemony.
It is the US which has built a doomsday arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological, etc.), and has the unpardonable criminal record of dropping atomic bombs on Japan when World War 2 was virtually over with Japanese imperialist troops on full retreat from all fronts.
It is the US which supports the illegal existence of Israel on Palestinian soil and its unabated genocide of the Palestinian people, in addition to using the Zionist entity as a base to terrorize the Muslim countries of West Asia and North Africa.
It is the US, which besides its unfair trade war against China, blatantly meddles in the breakaway island of Taiwan to try to undermine Beijing’s rapidly increasing stature as a world power.
It is the US, which has imposed a destructive war on Yemen through its clients Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
It is the US which destroyed Afghanistan, destabilized Syria through the Takfiri terrorists, and continues to poke its dirty nose into the affairs of Iraq (as well as of Lebanon) in a bid to prevent national solidarity and formation of any broad-based government, even after elections.
It is the US which plunders the rich natural resources of Africa by exploiting dark-skinned people, whose cousins the Afro-Americans are heavily discriminated against at home, and subject to killing or imprisonment on the slightest pretext.       
It is the US which is holding Latin America in thrall through its support of dictators and sanctions, or more properly economic terrorism, against independent countries like Cuba and Venezuela.
It is the US, which is the biggest contributor to emission of dangerous gasses into the atmosphere that have led to climatic crises, deforestation, gradual extinction of many animal and bird species, pollution of the sea, and is tearing apart of the Ozone protective layer of Planet Earth.
Last but not the least, the US is the sworn enemy of Iran and the Iranian people because of their courage to confront the Yankees in spite of the illegal sanctions of the past four decades and frequent acts of terrorism, including assassination of senior officials, and acts of piracy on the high seas – the latest being the seizure of an oil tanker off the coast of Greece.
All these crimes against humanity and numerous other acts of terrorism worldwide means it is time the free world got together to decisively confront the US.
We are fully confident that the day will soon come when the United States of America disintegrates into several republics, and cease to be Great Satan that it is. 
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