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Publish Date : 25 May 2022 - 21:36

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- The Larissa International Film Festival in Greece has honored Iranian-French short film ‘Solar Eclipse’.
‘Solar Eclipse’ received a diploma of honor in the 14th edition of the Greek event, the Short Film News website reported.
‘Solar Eclipse’ is co-directed by Raha Amirfazli and Alireza Qasemi.
“Saaghi and her two friends have come to the largest park in Tehran to take pictures of the one-in-a-century total eclipse later in the afternoon. Mischievous and rebellious, they steal a camera stand, lie to their parents and discuss boys and an upcoming party. As the sun disappears, Saaghi sees something that should have stayed hidden,” a synopsis for the film reads.
Larissa International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Greece, according to the event’s website.
The 14th edition of the event took place on May 9-14.

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