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Publish Date : 21 May 2022 - 22:10


By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The thousands of South Koreans protesting against the visit of US President Joe Biden outside a hotel where he is staying in Seoul know for sure that the person approaching his 80th year, hardly controls himself, let alone controlling his country.
Yet they carried placards with his crossed-out pictures, saying Biden – more properly the pro-Zionist clique in Washington which has sent him on a 6-day tour of South Korea and Japan – is after stoking tensions and possibly war with North Korea.
Even his embarrassed host, President Yoon Suk-yeol, who on Friday silently suffered the humiliation of being addressed by Biden by his predecessor’s name “Moon Jae-in”, whose 5-year term ended last month, is aware of the goofs and gaffes for which presidents of the US are known.
For instance, last year, while receiving in Washington the then South Korean president, Biden had called Moon Jae-in “Mr. Prime Minister.”
And recently at a plant in Hamilton, Ohio, while addressing workers, Biden bragged that he had traveled more than 50 times to Iraq and Afghanistan – almost a hundred percent increase when compared to his election campaign speeches a year-and-a-half ago when he said he has visited the two countries at least 30 times.
Moreover, Biden told the flabbergasted workers that his supposedly frequent trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, also involved visits to the Islamic Republic of Iran which is situated between the two said countries, and where actually no senior US official has ever set foot since the victory of the Islamic Revolution kicked out from Iranian soil all Americans connected to the clique in Washington.
He said in Ohio: “I’ve been in and out of Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq…”
It is also worth recalling that in 2019, Biden glibly lied during a public speech by telling a false story about traveling to Afghanistan to recognize the heroism of a Navy captain.
He is not the lone case of a lying or absent-minded president of the US, since his predecessors, such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush Jr. and Donald Trump, were known for their goofs and gaffes.
The last named was a notorious liar and a terrorist to his very core, who Insha Allah (God Willing) will soon be brought to justice for his spate of crimes against humanity, especially the cowardly killing of the famous Iranian general, Soleiman Qassemi.
No wonder, with such incompetent persons elected to the White House every four years, the US is the most socially destabilized country at home, where racist discrimination has reduced citizens of black colour to virtual slaves that are killed at will.
The US is also the most untrustworthy country abroad, as is evident by its foreign policy of state terrorism around the world, as the forcibly divided Koreans will attest and as the Ukrainians are beginning to find out after being pushed into an unnecessary military confrontation with Russia by American presidents, or more properly the pro-Zionist cliques that controls them.

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