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Publish Date : 20 May 2022 - 21:33

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The recently released photo of US President Joe Biden addressing a press conference in Washington, flanked on his right side by Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö and on his left side by Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, presents a pathetic picture.
It appears as if an ailing emperor, not in command of his senses and completely unaware of the words he is uttering, has summoned to his court two rulers of some remote lands willing to submit to his yoke, on the assumption that alignment with an empire, although a tottering one, might be in the interest of their people – more than the peace and prosperity that neutrality has brought over the past century.
The Swedes and the Finns seem to be ignorant of realities, especially the evil nature of the US, which is playing a dangerous game, and doesn’t care about their security and sovereignty.
As a matter of fact, the US is totally unconcerned about the stability of all of Europe (except perhaps of the fellow English-speaking islanders of Britain), and is using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which Finland and Sweden want to join, as an instrument of its hegemonic hold on the European Union (EU).
As could be clear by the war into which the US has pushed Ukraine as part of its bid to weaken traditional rival Russia, it will never hesitate to sacrifice the two hitherto neutral Nordic countries on the altar of its extraterritorial ambitions.
This was crystal clear at Thursday’s press conference in Washington where Biden’s words belittling Finland and Sweden even if they join NATO, could not be properly grasped by his two Scandinavian hosts because of their unfamiliarity with the English language.
He spoke of a vague “bottom line” and said “an enlarged and strong NATO is the foundation of US security.”
In other words, the US president meant to say that he is the least concerned if Europe is destroyed and the European people plunged into death and destruction, in order to ensure that the US remains the sole superpower as a result of possible damage a war on several fronts could inflict upon Russia’s economy, industries, agriculture, and political power – and indirectly on the emerging world power China, if it aligns itself with Moscow.
A satanic game plan indeed, but Russia’s President Vladimir Putin seems to have his own plans. His preemptive military strike on Ukraine to thwart the bid by the Zionist Volodymyr Zellensky to put the NATO yoke on a Slavic country, is not only a warning to Finland and Sweden to avoid Washington’s bait, but has begun to put a strain on the US military and financial resources.
This is clear by the tens of billions of dollars of US money going to waste in Ukraine along with the destruction of the massive flow of weapons into that country by the Russian army.
Following Putin’s stark warning of possible military measures if the Nordic country’s become a party to NATO’s eastward expansion towards the Russian borders, on Friday, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, without elaborating: “We are taking adequate countermeasures.”
Moscow’s Gazprom has already served notice to Finland to cut the gas link, catching Helsinki off guard, and could be a prelude to stronger measures in the Baltic Sea.
In view of these fast-paced developments, it is still not too late for Finland and Sweden to withdraw their request to join NATO, and like Hungary and several other European countries, strive to forge friendly relations with Russia, which after all, unlike the US, is a fellow European country.

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