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Publish Date : 20 May 2022 - 21:30

TEHRAN - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has unveiled 82 industrial, construction and agricultural projects in Iran’s free and special trade zones via video conference.
Raisi opened a total of 82 projects in Qeshm and other SEZs on Thursday as he promised more financial support for those regions to help expand Iran’s trade ties with neighboring countries.
The president added that to realize an 8% economic growth under the budget act of the Persian year of 1401, Iran needs foreign and domestic investors and an increase in productivity.
Raisi referred to the need for his administration to let the private sector play a more active role, saying free and special trade zones must avoid administrative and prolonged paperwork.
The president then underlined activities must be science- and technology-based.
He added that if knowhow and science is mixed with economic possibilities, the finished product will be lasting.
The projects across Iran were inaugurated with an investment of 6,100 billion tomans ($224 million) in Qeshm, Kish, Anzali, Maku, Parsian, Sahlan, Bushehr, Lorestan, Lamerd and Namin. They are projected to create 8,000 direct and indirect jobs in the country.

320 MW Power Plant Launched

President Ebrahim Raisi also launched the 320 megawatt (MW) power plant in the island of Qeshm was opened.
The gas-fired power plant is part of Qeshm’s Pasargad electricity station, a system that works on combined cycle basis, a system where the exhaust heat from the turbines is used to raise steam.
Local authorities said private companies had provided the 95 million euros ($100.7 million) needed to finish the power plant over the 18 months to early April.
The company operating the Qeshm electricity station said that the 300-ton power transformer used in the new facility is the largest ever manufactured inside Iran with a capacity of 400 mega volt-ampere (MVA).
While opening the power plant, Raisi said his administration will welcome the contribution of private investors to building mega projects in Iran.
“Any effort by the private sector to increase investment and productivity should be welcomed,” said Raisi.
Qeshm, located to the north of the Persian Gulf on the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz, is one of the largest islands in the world.
It is one of Iran’s key special economic zones (SEZs) where trade regulations are eased to help boost investment and manufacturing activity.

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