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Publish Date : 25 April 2022 - 21:51

TEHRAN -- Iranian city of
Tarom in the northwestern province of Zanjan makes a perfect tourist destination owing to its amazing landscape and valuable historical monuments.
The pristine nature of the region attracts a large number of nature lovers to the region. One of the natural wonders of Tarom is Kharmanehsar Cave located on the heights of a mountain with the same name.
The entrance of the cave is surrounded by a number of small holes in which pottery fragments and remains of ancient tallow-burners were discovered.
Located in the northern and northwestern parts of Zanjan, Sorkhabad Protected Area is a nature reserve of the region, which is made up of mountain, plain, forest and foothill ecosystems.
The Validar Village of Tarom is also home to a number of natural glaciers where local people store their dairy products during the hottest days of the year.
Another wonder of Tarom is Kurdkandi Dam which is a natural phenomenon created as a result of a landslide occurred after the massive earthquake in the northern and northwestern parts of Iran on June 20, 1990.
The beautiful pond of the dam has become an amazing place for tourists to have fun and enjoy their vacations.
Besides, the foggy peaks of the mountains, huge valleys, roaring rivers, a hazelnut forest and a beautiful waterfall helped turn Hasht Cheshmeh area of Tarom to a famous hiking and cycling hub in the region.
Tarom is also home to three fire temples which are registered on Iran’s National Heritage List. At certain times of the year, the Zoroastrian people perform their religious rituals in the monuments.
Handwoven carpet, Kilim, Jajim (a type of traditional floor covering) and Namad (felt) are among the most important handicrafts of the region.

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