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Publish Date : 17 March 2022 - 15:33

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Today, in our last issue of the Iranian calendar year 1400 solar hijri, we felicitate our readers on the auspicious coincidence of the blessed birthday of the eagerly awaited Saviour of mankind, Imam Mahdi (AS), and Nowruz or the
Spring Equinox.
We earnestly hope that when we meet again after the New Year holidays on Sunday, April 3, our country, our region, and our world would be firmly on the way to overcome the problems besetting humanity because of the negative policies of the big powers and their penchant for bullying, oppression, exploitation, pressures, crises, wars, and economic terrorism on the global scale.
Hopefully, the issue of the inalienable right of the Islamic Republic of Iran to process peaceful nuclear energy that the US is unnecessarily blocking, would be resolved in the interests of regional and international peace, security, and stability.
Iran also wishes peace and progress for its neighbours, including those which traditionally celebrate Nowruz, such as the countries of the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Subcontinent, Turkey, Iraq, the Levant, and the Balkans.
We have a new president to our north in the republic of Turkmenistan, Sardar Berdi-Muhammadov, who says he will increase bilateral and regional cooperation, including peace and stability in Afghanistan which though freed this year from two decades of American occupation, is still being denied its own foreign monetary reserves for development, by the regime in Washington.
We pray that Turkey, which enjoys excellent commercial and cultural relations with Iran, will have the courage to wriggle free from the tentacles of the despicable Zionists who are intensely despised by the overwhelming majority of Turkish Muslims.
We are also determined to help our brothers in Iraq, whether Arabs or Kurds, whether Shi’a or Sunni, and even Christians, to form an inclusive government and gain freedom from the occupation of the American troops, as well as Zionist infiltration in the Kurdistan autonomous region.
We wish success for the Lebanese people who are all set to hold crucial parliamentary polls in May, with the legendry anti-terrorist movement, Hezbollah, playing its highly positive political role in defence of the country as the bulwark against racist/terrorist Israel.
We are also resolved to continue our assistance to the legitimate government of Syria and the Syrian people to rebuild their country from the ruins of the 11-year war imposed by the West, by developing the means to retaliate decisively against the frequent attacks of the Zionist occupiers of the Golan Heights.
We are determined that the Palestinians should step up their abilities to strive for the liberation of their homeland from the usurpation of the east European Jews and to eventually take control of Bayt al-Moqaddas as their capital city.
We think that it is about time for the Albanian Muslims, who for centuries have celebrated Nowruz, to drive out the devilish MKO hypocrites from their soil.
We pray for peace and cooperation between the countries of the Subcontinent. Pakistan should end the rampant terrorism of the takfiris who have tarnished the image of Islam, and India should clamp down on the anarchists masquerading as ‘religious-nationalists’ to destroy the country by fanning flames of hatred against Muslims.
Africa should find peace, progress, and people’s rule, whether in Sudan, Libya and Egypt, or in other parts of the continent such as Nigeria.
We have already stated that there is no military solution to the crisis in Ukraine which should find peace under a truly representative government free from the mischievous influence of NATO, the US, and West European regimes.
Venezuela, as well as all of Latin America must be independent from the hegemony of Washington, which should also stop its provocative policies against China by withdrawing its military forces from North Korea and Japan.
To our south in the Persian Gulf region and the Arabian Peninsula, we are keen to see the Yemenis decisively defeat the US-Zionist engineered invasion of their country, while the long oppressed Bahraini people should be assisted in materializing their dream of establishing a democratic state free of the tentacles of a highly repressive minority regime.
Last but not the least, 1401 solar hijri ought to be the year of the end of the clannish rule of a minority cult in Arabia, where Muslims are massacred on the slightest pretext and the tenets of Islam are being trampled by a megalomaniac in league with the Americans and the Zionists.
O Allah! Hasten the reappearance of the Last Infallible Heir of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) to fill Planet Earth with peace, prosperity, and justice. Amen

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