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Publish Date : 09 March 2022 - 22:24

TEHRAN (Honaronline) - The single, ‘Tears of the Star,’ by Iranian singer Rohaab, and with the artistry of Mohammad Reza Sadeqi, was included in the 2022 album of the international musical collection of buddha-bar.
‘Tears of the Star’ is the No. 9 track of the international album among 28 pieces that are mostly from world-famous musicians.
The musical collection of buddha-bar is one of the most popular and prestigious albums in the world, which offers a special and oriental style to its audience, which makes this music label different from other labels in the world.
Audiences familiar with these world-renowned albums know that the label, called George V Records, has produced more than 20 music albums from 1999 to 2022, all of which are considered immortal in world music.
The Iranian music producer Mohammad Reza Sadeqi said the work was accepted at the request of the buddha-bar collection.
They requested via an email message that we provide this song for this year’s album, he said.
“This work was met with success by the audience due to the Oriental color in the work,” Sadeqi said.
He seeks to introduce Oriental music, especially Iranian music, Persian poetry, as well as Iranian instruments in the form and space of Electronic Music to music enthusiasts around the world, timebulletin.com wrote.
Rohaab, who sings the vocal part of the work, also spoke about the presence of the music on the buddha-bar list, saying the melody of the vocal part of ‘Tears of the Star’ induces moods from the Dastgah-e Nava (an Iranian traditional musical system) and, with the accompaniment of Persian words, makes it sweeter.
Iranian poetry penetrates hearts, he said, adding that there is a couplet from the Persian poet Sa’di in this piece that intensifies the sweetness.

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