News ID: 100667
Publish Date : 05 March 2022 - 22:04

TEHRAN – Vice-Chairman of Non-Oil Exports Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi has said that given the latest developments between Ukraine and Russia, as well as Western sanctions, Russia will facilitate the export route for Iran.
“Russia will provide Iran with a good capacity of this country’s market,” Mousavi said and added, “Russian market needs an alternative to supplying the materials it needs.”
Russia needs imports from Eastern Bloc to supply the goods it needs at the market, he said, adding, “China is one of the countries that can replace Europe in this regard, but Iran has more advantages to increase trade with this country due to its proximity to Russia.”
Referring to Iran’s sea and land routes with Russia, Mousavi said, “The current situation shows that Iran can get a good share of the Russian market and export many goods to this country so that Iran enjoys high capacity to develop its trade with Russia.”

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