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Publish Date : 26 February 2022 - 21:57

Corbyn Calls for Immediate, Unconditional Recognition of Palestine

LONDON (Middle East Eye) – Former head of the Labour Party in the UK Jeremy Corbyn has called for the immediate and unconditional recognition of the State of Palestine.
During a discussion in Parliament regarding the recognition of the State of Palestine, Corbyn asserted: “We should support the immediate and unconditional recognition of the State of Palestine.”
Corbyn also tweeted a video of his speech in Parliament in which he spoke about the abuses of the Zionist settlement policy.
He stated that the settlements built by the occupation have for years aimed to strip Palestinians of the homes in which they have lived for 70 or 80 years.
Corbyn noted that he has personally witnessed refugees suffering profoundly due to the Zionist regime’s policies displacing them from their homes.
He also talked about the occupation’s attempts to evacuate the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and other areas in occupied Al-Quds, whose residents fled to Al-Quds after the 1948 Nakba.
Zionist troops quelled a peaceful protest in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of the occupied East Al-Quds.
Hundreds of Palestinians, including residents of Sheikh Jarrah and their supporters, rallied across the neighborhood on Friday, carrying the Palestinian flag and banners condemning the regime’s practices and settlement expansion policy.
According to Palestinian media reports, the Zionist troops assaulted a number of activists who took part in the protest.
A group of settlers also stormed the neighborhood under the protection of the troops, trying to provoke the Palestinians by raising the occupying regime’s flag.
Tensions heightened across the Palestinian territories on February 13, when Zionist troops and illegal settlers renewed their attacks against Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah. The neighborhood has been the scene of frequent crackdowns by regime forces on the Palestinians protesting against the threatened expulsion of dozens of families from their homes in favor of Israeli settler groups.
The initial tensions that erupted in Sheikh Jarrah last year in part sparked a May 2021 war between the occupying regime and resistance groups in the Gaza Strip.