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Publish Date : 20 February 2022 - 21:38

Hamas Denies Progress on Prisoner Swap Deal With Zionists

GAZA CITY (Anadolu) –
Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on Sunday denied any progress in Egypt-mediated talks to broker a prisoner swap with the Zionist regime.
The occupying regime’s media reports said that progress has been made in talks for a prisoner exchange deal between the regime and the resistance movement.
“There is no progress until now,” senior Hamas member Zaher Jabareen said in a statement. “The (Zionist) occupation is unable to make any serious steps on this file.”
He said the regime’s media reports claiming progress in the prisoner swap talks “aim to prevent families of captured (Zionist) soldiers from pressuring the regime.”
“Israel does not have any intention to accomplish any prisoner swap deal,” he added.
On Saturday, Zionist lawmaker Emilie Moatti said progress has been made toward a prisoner swap deal with the resistance movement.
“There is progress on the issue of the prisoners and missing persons. It is sensitive and confidential and there are moves that I will not detail, but I am optimistic that they will be home soon,” said Moatti, a member of the Knesset foreign affairs committee.
“It is based on a review we received 3 weeks ago that I will not detail,” she added.
Hamas, which rules Gaza, holds four Zionists captive, including two troops captured during the regime’s war on the territory in the summer of 2014. The other two are alleged civilians who have entered Gaza under unclear circumstances.
The Palestinian group, which has not disclosed information about the conditions of the four hostages, demands the release of Palestinians in the regime’s prisons in exchange for the Zionists in captivity.
At least 7,000 Palestinians are held by the occupying regime, according to Palestinian estimates.