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Publish Date : 18 February 2022 - 22:18

Lorestan’s Nickel Silver Handicraft Maintains World Reputation

BORUJERD (IP) – The art of making nickel silverware is one of the original arts of Borujerd in Iran’s Lorestan Province.
Iran Press/ Iran News: The nickel silverware industry is about 170 years old, and today in Borujerd, limited artists are still making beautiful nickel silverware.
Making nickel silverware is the art of producing metal objects using nickel silver alloy. This profession became popular in some cities of Iran during the Qajar and Pahlavi periods, and today nickel silverware production workshops are limited to Borujerd, but this industry is slowly moving towards oblivion.
Nickel Silver alloy was imported to Iran from Germany and Poland due to its excellent quality, and Borujerdi artists created beautiful metal works from nickel silver sheets such as trays, samovars, teapots, sugar bowls, etc. through hammering and engraving techniques.
Borujerd is known as the main center for making nickel silverware and engraving in Iran and is the only city that still has a number of workshops, museums, and artists active in this field. Borujerd was nationally registered in 2019 as the national city for making nickel silverware.
In an interview with Iran Press, Amir-Hossein Raufian, an artist who makes silverware in Borujerd, stated that he was following in his father’s profession so that this precious industry would not be forgotten.
He also pointed out that Borujerd nickel silverware production dates back to about 170 years ago.
This prominent artist highlighted that the industry and art of making nickel silverware in Iran are only in Borujerd, and this beautiful handicraft has a global reputation, and the type and quality of making nickel silverware in Borujerd do not exist anywhere in the world.
Having diverse tourism and handicraft capacities, Lorestan Province is one of the most important travel destinations for tourists in western Iran.