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Publish Date : 16 February 2022 - 22:31

The West’s Disgraceful Defeat

By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

“The West has been defeated without a single shot being fired”, has said the Russian president while withdrawing back to garrisons most of the hundred thousand troops that held maneuvers near the borders of Ukraine as part of the regular army drills to test combat readiness in case of war.
Vladimir Putin was responding to the rumours afloat in Europe and North America that Russia would any moment invade the fellow Slavic country with which it has historically and culturally shared fraternal and friendly ties.
Moscow says it has no major grievances with what has long been viewed as a sister state, which on no account should be militarized by outside parties trying to create bad blood.
The leadership in Kiev, which is being bated and pressured by the US to join the NATO, also says it has no apprehensions from its counterparts in Russia, except that it wants to pursue an independent policy.
These differences are trivial, but are being blown out of proportion by the US and its European accomplices in order to provoke Russia and create unnecessary tensions.
It means diplomacy can bridge the gap between Moscow and Kiev, and what is needed is a neutral power enjoying the confidence of both Russia and Ukraine, and certainly not any mischief-monger or war-monger trying to fish in muddy waters.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, which enjoys cordial ties with both countries, has offered its good services as part of efforts to defuse a crisis that might lead to a catastrophic war that might not be confined to Europe in view of weapons of mass destruction the belligerents have in their arsenals.
Washington is the culprit-in-chief but it not think that its house of glass would be safe if it incites an unnecessary in Europe.
Wherever there is tension in the world, it is because of American meddling, which means the US is vehemently opposed to peace, progress and prosperity of mankind.
In view of these facts, diplomacy along with military readiness is the best solution to defeat the stratagems of Uncle Sam and expose its ugly face to the world.
It is earnestly hoped that saner minds will prevail and triumph over the prospects of a brutal military confrontation that might spiral out of control to engulf the whole world.