Iran on the Rise as Trump Drags the US Towards its Doom

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Donald Trump is without the least doubt a scoundrel, and when the Leader of the Islamic Revolution uses this fitting term for the rascal, rogue, ruffian, rowdy, and reprobate who masquerades as president of the US, it is a cent-per-cent proof that this delusional dotard is not just hurtling in full throttle towards his doom but dragging his country towards disintegration in the misconstrued belief that his criminal sanctions against the Iranian people will make the Islamic Republic yield to his illegal demands.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, who is known for his prudence, patience, and piety that combined with faith in God Almighty makes his words prophetic, said in his televised speech yesterday to a graduation ceremony of cadets of Iran’s armed forces’ academies: "With the Grace of God, we will continue our steadfastness and resistance, until turning America’s maximum pressure into maximum disgrace and a source of regret for them.”
Now, if there is any iota of wisdom left in the US administration, the thugs in Washington should begin the countdown to the fate awaiting them and their terrorist ringleader.
We are actually unconcerned about the future of the US as a single country, especially when we view the reign of terror of the racist Trump, who if he manages through foul means to get another 4-year term in the White House, he will definitely aggravate the social, economic, cultural, and political problems plaguing the American citizens.
In other words, the sooner the US is split into several independent republics, the better for world peace and for the prosperity of the North American people who made up of different ethnicities, different colours, and different religions, have the right as human beings to be masters of their own fate to live in dignity, welfare, and ethical values, under systems of government free of the Zionist yoke, and based on justice and equality.
Meanwhile, while eagerly waiting for the day of deliverance of the American people, let us focus on resolving our own problems which are not beyond remedy, as emphasized in his Monday’s speech by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, who pointed out to the brilliant abilities of the Iranian people to turn challenges into opportunities with faith in Almighty God.   
Indeed, these illegal sanctions of the US have been a blessing in disguise for the Islamic Republic which has proven to the whole world not only its ingenuity in mastering modern science and technology, including the sophisticated nuclear, cyberspace, aerospace, artificial intelligence, medical, and armaments fields, but through its firm faith in the dynamic tenets of Islam and its culture of universal brotherhood, has won the hearts of the independent governments and the people of the region and beyond – to the exasperation of the US, the Zionists, and the rootless cultish and clannish regimes in our neighbourhood.
Ayatollah Khamenei rightly stated: "A strong defense is one of the elements of our national strength, since the three main pillars for a country’s national strength, are: ‘Economic strength and stability,’ ‘Cultural capability and harmony’ and ‘a strong defense.’ If nations do not have a strong defense, then transgressors will take advantage of their weakness to attack.”
He added: "The reason these prattling thugs in the US keep raving and ranting about the defensive, regional and missile capabilities of Iran is the Islamic Republic’s precise, wise calculations in achieving such capabilities.”
In short, the need of the hour for Iran is to further build upon these wonderful achievements, including their power, precision, and range, as well as the strengthening of the national economy, coupled with promoting its image and influence abroad to help the peoples and the governments of the region and beyond defeat terrorism, Zionism, and American imperialism.