Tens of Thousands Continue Anti-Netanyahu Protest
TEL AVIV (Dispatches) – Tens of thousands of people protested against Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu across the occupied territories, and clashes between demonstrators and Zionist troops were reported in Tel Aviv.
At least four people were arrested in al-Quds on Saturday as police tried to stop demonstrators from marching through the streets, police said.  
According to The Times of Israel and other Israeli media reports, an estimated 200,000 people participated in the protests held across the occupied territories.
Netanyahu is on trial for fraud, breach of trust, and accepting bribes for his role in a series of scandals.
The issue has earned him notoriety as "Crime Minister” and "Corrupt-yahu,” fueling massive protests, including in front of his residence in the occupied city of al-Quds, for months on end.
Netanyahu has denied the charges and accused the protesters of being "leftists” and "anarchists.”
In Tel Aviv, hundreds converged on the Habima Square, shouting, "You messed with the wrong generation.”
At the end of last month, fresh coronavirus restrictions came into force, building up on the new lockdown introduced on 18 September. The new lockdown measures will be in force until 14 October, with a possibility of extension.
Protests calling on Netanyahu to step down amid an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic have been ongoing and bulging since July. Last weekend, nearly 40 protesters were detained amid anti-regime demonstrations in Tel Aviv.
The regime’s parliament has approved an amendment to the coronavirus law allowing to limit protests to no more than 20 people who live within one kilometer (0.6 miles) of a planned demonstration.
Organizers of the "Crime Minister” protest said in a statement, "We will wear masks, we will keep our distance and we will proudly call for Corrupt-yahu’s resignation, and for him to account for the violence against protesters.”
"We will no longer cooperate with the dictatorial laws and limitations on the right to protest while Bibi (Netanyahu) and his ministers deride the rules,” it added, referring to some Israeli officials’ violating the very anti-virus regulations that they call on the people to observe.