5th Cargo of Non-Oil Exports Shipped to Oman Via Sirik Port
TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Governor of Sirik port in Hormozgan province Ahmad Jamaleddini has said that Iran dispatched its fifth cargo of non-oil exports to Oman via the Southern port of Sirik. Jamaleddini said that Iran has exported about 550 tons of non-oil products to Oman through the southern port. The products have been dispatched to Northern Omani port of Shinas, he added, noting that the cargo is the fifth being exported to Oman via Sirik Port. The cargo, which was dispatched to Oman by three vessels, include fruits, mineral water, dried fruits, cans, grains and chaff, the governor said. He noted that export line from Sirik to Shinas has been launched to boost trade in the province. About five months ago, the first non-oil cargo was exported to Oman through Sirik, the official added. Iran’s Customs Administration (IRICA) said last month that the country has exported more than $241 million of Summer fruits and vegetables in five months (ending August 21),. IRICA Spokesman Rouhollah Latifi said that total exports of cucurbits and vegetables had topped 1.94 million metric tons in the first five months of the Iranian calendar year (ending August 21). Latifi said that the country enjoys a good share of the global trade of such produces which is nearly $3 billion per year. "Iran is the fifth leading exporter in the world and the largest in West Asia of gourd family fruits and other vegetables,” he added. The official said that Iraq, the UAE and Oman are the main consumers of the Iranian summer fruits and vegetables, adding, however, that crops are exported to countries as far as Europe, North America and Australia. Iran has increasingly relied on exports of agrifood in recent years to offset the impacts of American sanctions on its sale of crude.