Netanyahu Unmasked as a “Shameless Liar”

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

To the applause of fellow terrorists in the US, in certain European capitals, in Occupied Palestine, and in the corridors of power of reactionary Arab states, as ‘Crime Minister’ Benjamin Netanyahu of the illegal Zionist entity, uttered the most preposterous lies from the UN podium in New York on Tuesday against Iran and its positive influence in the region, including what he called a missile factory and depot of Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, at the Janah at Beirut international airport by displaying a map of the site, his tomfoolery crashed, thanks to a master stroke of Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah.
The Secretary-General of Hezbollah in his video speech to a vast audience on the same night exposed the theatrics of terrorist Netanyahu and showed to the whole world what a shameless this child-killer is, by inviting journalists to visit the Janah site immediately to see and film what the alleged depots actually contain.
"We do not place missiles at Beirut port or near a gas station and we know very well where we should place our missiles,” said the esteemed Seyyed, who as the western media has admitted on several occasions, never stoops to untruth.
He added: "Hezbollah is not obliged to invite journalists to any site mentioned by Netanyahu, but we are doing this now due to the sensitivity of the situation after the August 4 explosion” – that destroyed the Beirut seaport area, killing over 200 people, and wounding 6,000 others, and is believed to be a joint terrorist operation of Mossad and the CIA.
The Zionist terrorist, who is known to be a corrupt criminal even amongst his own fellow Jews who are up in arms against him in Israel, or more properly Occupied Palestine, is certainly humiliated, although he won’t admit it, and despite being exposed to the world people as ‘garbage’, he is confident that he can always take the ringleaders of rootless Arab regimes for a ride in view of the blind hatred of Islamic Iran that they share with him.
From his UN speech it was evident to all how fearful Netanyahu is of Iran, its rise as the paramount power for peace in the region, and its positive influence on the people and governments in the neibhbourhood and beyond, to the chagrin of US president, Donald Trump – himself a notorious liar devoid of any grain of truth and honesty.
According to observers, not just Crime Minister Netanyahu, but the whole Zionist apparatus – including supporters in the US and the unrepresentative Arab regimes – is dead scared of the prediction of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, of the fast approaching end of illegitimate Israel.
They know that once a spurious entity founded on the myth of the holocaust in Europe, ceases to exist, then all those fake entities created by colonial Britain will begin to collapse; hence the collective plot to blame Iran and call ‘terrorists’ the movements and people influenced by the Islamic Republic.
Lebanon’s Hezbollah Leader is too wise a person to keep quiet in the face of lies spread by the enemies of his country, and he promptly pointed to those misled by the western politicians and propaganda machine.
He rightly remarked: "It was not us who chose war; rather the Zionists occupied our land.”
He also said: "We did not go to Syria to fight civilians. We went there at the invitation of the government of Syria to fight terrorist groups.”
Apropos Seyyed Nasrollah, through your timely address to your audience at home and abroad, you not only unmasked the enemies of Lebanon and its people – including those European states pretending to be friends and trying to dictate terms – but reaffirmed the independence and sovereignty of your homeland by saying in clear words that any government in Beirut should represent the various political and religious parties of the country, instead of being imposed by outsiders.