After Failing to Condemn UAE-Zionist Deal
Ansarullah, Hamas: Arab League Must Be Disbanded
CAIRO (Dispatches) – Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has strongly denounced the Arab League over dropping a Palestinian draft resolution in condemnation of a controversial agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Zionist regime, saying the organization must be disbanded over its "disgraceful” position.
"We express our strong condemnation of the Arab League’s terrible degeneration into a level, where it simply reneges on the Palestine cause – the reason for which it was founded,” Ansarullah spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam told Yemeni Arabic-language al-Masirah television network.
"The least expectation from the Arab League is to maintain its previous positions and reject normalization at least when it cannot do anything practical to stop it. Palestine presented a draft resolution condemning the UAE-Israel normalization deal, but the Arab League refused to approve it. We believe the organization must be dissolved,” the senior Ansarullah official pointed out.
On Wednesday, Arab foreign ministers attended a virtual session against the backdrop of UAE’s agreement to normalize relations with the Zionist regime, but did not condemn the U.S.-brokered accord that is to be formalized at a signing ceremony at the White House next week.
Earlier in the day, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki called on Arab countries to reject the UAE-Zionist normalization deal.
Abdul-Salam warned Palestinians that the Arab League could turn into a body working against them, saying, "We do not rule out that the Arab League would give the green light for a military aggression after an arrest campaign against Palestinians.”
The Ansarullah spokesman advised Palestinians to withdraw from the Arab League, arguing that the organization has become an apparatus in favor of the Zionist regime’s interests and is advancing U.S. scenarios in the region.
The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement also denounced the Arab League over its failure to condemn last month’s deal, saying it amounts to "official Arab legislation for normalization”.
Hamas announced in a statement that the Arab League’s move showed that the regional organization has abandoned its duties towards Palestinians and the Palestinian cause, and is seeking to give legitimacy to normalization with the occupying Zionist regime.
The statement went on to criticize the Arab League for turning a blind eye to the Zionist regime’s ongoing violations and crimes against Palestinians, and said such a move helped the occupying regime press ahead with its occupation policies.
"The Arab League’s decision to drop the Palestinian draft resolution [condemning the Zionist-UAE agreement] points to the insistence on perpetuating Israel’s occupation [of Palestinian land] through supporting Emirati rulers,” Hamas highlighted.
The Palestinian resistance movement underlined that the move by the Arab League has actually undermined the organization’s raison d’être, which hinges upon defending Arabs against foreign threats, especially the occupation of Palestine.
The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has religiously forbidden any Muslim state to normalize ties with the Zionist regime.
The Qatar-based organization said in a fatwa (religious decree) that the Palestinian cause is not just a political issue, but rather related to al-Aqsa Mosque – the third holiest site in Islam.