Beirut Blast – Accident or Terrorist Plot?
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The explosion that rocked Beirut port on Tuesday evening was not an ordinary one, and should not be dismissed as a mere accident of a sudden fire igniting tons of incendiary materials stored in a warehouse – as it is being reported.
It was a huge blast – or several blasts according to reports – that not just shook the Lebanese capital like an earthquake but its repercussions were felt as far away as Jordan in the east and the Mediterranean island of Cyprus 240 km to the west of Beirut.
It flattened several buildings, and although probe is underway, the death toll of over a hundred persons from among the 4,000-plus injured so far, is likely to rise.
In view of the massive damage done and widespread injuries caused as a result of shattering of window panes kilometers away from the place of the blast, Beirut resembles a war zone without any actual war taking place.
Was it an inadvertent mishap because of carelessness in storing such a huge amount of explosive material near a busy port?
Were the explosives deliberately ignited, and if so, by whom and for what reason?
Could it be a bomb attack, as the US president tweeted immediately in its aftermath?
Perhaps Donald Trump knows better, although we have no precise information at the moment since the government of Lebanon has not yet released any official statement.
Trump’s tweet that was deleted may be the key to resolving the mystery of the Beirut blasts.
It is for the investigative reporters to probe this matter, since the US president who seems to be engaged in a personal war with Lebanon as part of his sinister efforts to bring about an economic collapse because of Beirut’s firm resistance against Israeli plots, appeared elated when he made the tweet.
There was no hint of surprise, let alone any sign of grief in him, at the agony of Lebanon and its people.
Perhaps, his apologists might argue that Trump is an emotionless person with no humanitarian feelings for any calamity, whether caused by a natural disaster, whether the growing death toll of Americans due to the Coronavirus pandemic, whether the sufferings of the Iranians, Syrians, and Venezuelans because of his sadistic sanctions, or whether the current widespread scenes of death and destruction throughout the US, especially amongst the Afro-American citizens as a result of the thuggish president’s refusal to express even the least regret on the brutal killing of George Floyd over two months ago in Minneapolis by his white police officers.
So, could it mean, the US president ordered the stealth ‘bombing’ of the warehouse at Beirut port by CENTCOM terrorists?
Or maybe the terrorist Trump entrusted his Zionist bosom pals the criminal task of either igniting the explosive-filled warehouse or dropping a bomb on it by a radar-evading stealth aircraft flying at a very high altitude.
Only time will divulge the facts of the Beirut blasts, or whether the enemies of the Lebanese people did achieve anything in acting in such an unmanly manner.
For its part, the Islamic Republic of Iran joins the people of Lebanon in their hour of grief, and will spare no efforts to help them tide over this tragedy, with a promise that the Americans and the Zionists will never be allowed to undermine the sovereignty of Lebanon.