Islamic Iran’s Positive Influence Irks the US

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Sovereign independent countries make their own decisions, whether regarding their domestic policies or bilateral cooperation between them by taking into consideration their national interests as well as maintaining the international balance for peace, security and progress.
Iran, ever since it threw off the yoke of western hegemony by casting into the dustbin of history the British-installed and American-backed Pahlavi potentate, has pursued a prudent policy on the basis of the goals of its excellent revolutionary blueprint: "Neither the East nor the West, Islam is the Best”.
This principled policy has enabled Iran to keep all predators at bay despite the intensity and intricacy of their plots to mar its independence and economy.
This is evident by the events of the past forty-two years, including the 8-year war to which it was subjected in the 1980s by the US through Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad and the criminal sanctions Washington has continued to impose in the vain hope of curtailing Iran’s spectacular successes in various fields, including the nuclear fuel cycle, defence industries, aerospace, pharmaceuticals stem cell technology, the cyber world, and moreover the positive influence on the peoples and governments of the region to defeat terrorism and threats to their territorial integrity and national sovereignty.
A cursory glance at the neighbourhood and beyond speaks of the goodwill of Iran in guaranteeing stability in the face of the most murderous moves by the US, the racist Zionist entity, and the unrepresentative regimes of the spurious states lacking history, geography, and culture, that colonial Britain had created and which the ignorantly arrogant Americans precariously maintain as clients that may fall like humpty dumpty anytime.
Among the glaring examples is the indomitable spirit of the Palestinian organizations to continue the struggle for liberation of their usurped homeland until the end of Israel.
Then there is Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, which is more than a match for the Zionist army, and to whose political acumen all the Lebanese people are indebted – Sunni Muslims, Christians, and the Druze.
Next is Syria’s legitimate government which over the past nine years has proven its resilience and popular appeal amongst the masses in the face of the world’s most inhuman US-backed terrorists who since 2011 have slaughtered half-a-million men, women, and children, and made millions of others homeless, but miserably failed in their bid to create a pro-Saudi ‘Takfiristan’ stretching from the Levantine coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the Iraqi coast on the Persian Gulf.
This draws our attention to Iraq, whose people taking inspiration from fraternal Iran, coupled with the guidelines of the religious authorities in holy Najaf, formed the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) to check, rollback and rout the advance of the Takfiri terrorists, and are now determined to drive away the US occupiers if Washington is not wise enough to withdraw its military forces and show respect to Iraq’s sovereignty and independence.
There is the case of Yemen where the popular Ansarallah Movement timely thwarted the US-Arab reactionary bid to install a puppet regime in Sana’a, and since 2015 has continued to frustrate the joint Saudi-UAE invasion through its heroics on the battlefields and its ingenuity in mastering modern technology for manufacture of ballistic missiles and drones to hit industrial-military targets deep inside enemy territory in retaliation for the killing of over a hundred thousand Yemen men, women, and children so far.
The revolution in the Persian Gulf Island state of Bahrain where the tyrannical Aal-e Khalifa minority regime commits all sorts of crimes against the people with the help of the US and its 5th Fleet could erupt like volcano any moment for freeing masses from oppression.
Similar is the situation in Arabia where the Muslims, whether in the Land of Revelation, the Hijaz, or the eastern oil-rich region where the indigenous Shi’a Muslim majority is yearning for independence and the day when it will be the master of its hydrocarbon wealth that is being looted by the Najdi occupiers to squander on personal pleasures, as gifts to Washington and London, and to fund terrorists for destabilizing Muslim countries.
Landlocked Afghanistan which for the past 19 years is under US occupation also looks towards Iran, not just for outlets to international waters for both its imports and exports, but also for the day it will be free of the American yoke to join its brethren of the Resistance Front for collective development of the entire region, without the undesirable hegemony of the West.
In short, all these developments have occurred because of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which firmly believes that in view of the anti-American tendencies in Turkey, Pakistan, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and North Africa, our region could become the monolithic Islamic bloc with a say in all global affairs.