Iranian Short Title Competes in France
TEHRAN (IFILM) -- The L’Etrange Festival in France has picked to screen Iranian short film ‘Epilogue’.
Co-directed by Mehdi Azari and Amin Ektesabi, ‘Epilogue’ will be screening at the 26th edition of the French film event.   
"In an apocalyptic world, humans are forced to give the savings of human knowledge to half-human-half-animal creatures in exchange for little food. Then, in a rigorous bureaucratic and industrial process, these creatures turn human knowledge into canned food for certain creatures,” reads as a plot summery to the short title.
Produced by Iranian Youth Cinema Society of Maragheh, the shooting of this short film was done in the Iranian city of Bonab in East Azerbaijan Province.
‘Epilogue’ has already attended a number of film festivals, including the 36th Tehran International Short Film Festival as well as the 20th Izmir International Short Film Festival in Turkey.
Founded in 1993, the L’Etrange Festival is an independent film festival dedicated to provide information and promote experimental and avant-garde films.
The upcoming edition of the festival is scheduled for September 2-13, 2020 in Paris.