A Virtually Dead Deal

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

A deal which is virtually dead is being bandied about by its insincere signatories who from the very beginning were never serious in implementing its clauses, and soon became its prime violators as part of an intricate plot to deceive and deprive the lone party that had been lured to Geneva to face negotiators of the world’s six topmost countries.
Inked in mid-2015 with much fanfare, the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) meant a sudden reduction of Iran’s 20-percent uranium enrichment to a mere 3.5 percent, along with unplugging of centrifuges, closure of some plants and parting of enriched stocks, on the false promise of lifting all restrictions on trade and access to the international financial system that were unjustly imposed on the alleged weaponization of Iran’s nuclear programme, in spite of Tehran’s most earnest assurances that Islam forbids manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.
What was, however, the strangest clause of JCPOA was the veto power given to the U.S. president to validate it every three months, despite the fact that since the first day of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Washington had been Enemy Number One, with a bloody record of terrorism, war, sedition, and sanctions, to try to overthrow the Islamic Republic and replace it with a client regime which would place the country under American tutelage.
Whether or not the Iranian negotiators were duped, the flawed accord had begun to unravel because of the insincerity of its western signatories, long before conman Donald Trump took over the U.S presidency and started bearing his fangs at Islamic Iran, before unilaterally withdrawing and declaring it null and void.
Iran, in accordance with Islamic guidelines, fully adhered to the clauses of the Geneva accord, stating that as per Article 36 of the JCPOA, it has the right to scale back its cooperation if the other parties, especially Germany, France and Britain (the EU big 3), did not carry out their commitments to the deal.
For almost two years the EU 3, who seem totally subservient to the U.S., played their game of deception with Iran, and now following Trump’s terroristic target-killing of senior Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani, in Baghdad when Tehran refusing to be browbeaten into futile talks with Washington, decided to drop all limits placed on its peaceful nuclear industry, these countries have charged Iran with breaching the JCPOA and threatened to manipulate the UN Security Council to re-impose sanctions, when in fact they themselves are the prime violators.
It is the height of idiocy for the EU 3, especially the quixotic British premier, Boris Johnson, who spoke of the need of negotiating a new deal with Trump, to think that the Islamic Republic will ever enter talks with the unpardonable criminal Donald Trump.
The bloodthirsty terrorist who is now threatening Iraq with crippling sanctions for Baghdad’s ultimatum for withdrawal of all American soldiers from the country, has his hands stained in blood, and should be meted out the deserving punishment.
Iran did not kill the JCPOA. Its western drafters killed it, which means a virtually dead deal ought not to be a cause of concern.
The Islamic Republic now has no restrictions to continue its peaceful nuclear programme, and brushing aside the threats of sanctions, is determined to end once and for all, in cooperation with neighbouring countries, the illegal presence of all CENTCOM terrorists in the entire region.