Power & Precision of Iran’s Missile Defence System Aborts U.S. Ambitions

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

As images emerge, albeit slowly, in the U.S. media of the extensive devastation in equipment, armaments, and aircraft, inflicted on the Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq by Iran’s missile barrage last Wednesday as a precursor of the vengeance to come for the unpardonable crime of Donald Trump and his team of terrorists in their cowardly killing of General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, the western press is rife with reports of the pinpoint accuracy of the Islamic Republic’s projectiles, especially since neither any person was killed at the base nor the much publicized sophisticated air defence system of the Americans could provide any protection.
Patriot, THAAD, or whatever the American arms dealers like to call their brands and sell them at exorbitant prices of billions of dollars apiece to the reactionary Arab regimes, while gifting the better ones to the illegal Zionist entity, the myth of their super sensory powers was shattered when some of these highly advanced pieces placed at Ain al-Asad, failed to even detect the incoming Iranian-made missiles.
It projected to the regime in Washington and to the whole world the power and precision of Iran’s missiles, coupled with the political prudence of the Islamic Republic in hitting where it hurts, rather than causing the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of the poor American soldiers.
In the words of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, it was a hard slap on the face of Trump, as an indication of the events to come if the Americans do not end their undesirable presence in the region.
It means Iran, Iraq, and the Resistance Front reserve the right of the real retaliation for the innocent blood of Martyr Soleimani, Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhanddis of Iraq, and their martyred colleagues.
As a matter of fact, the process has already started for closure of all American bases in the entire region stretching from South-Central Asia to West Asia and Africa, with the Iraqi government pressing the U.S. for complete withdrawal and the Iranian government formally declaring Pentagon (the U.S. War Department) and the whole CENTCOM apparatus as terrorists.
Iran’s defensive power as well as its diplomacy has bewildered Trump and his comrades-in-crimes against humanity.
That was the reason Donald the dotard, after threatening to commit war crimes in Iran by targeting 52 sites, including cultural ones (the heritage of humanity), twice cancelled his press conference following the Ain al-Asad strike.
When the U.S. president finally appeared before the TV cameras to deliver a confused statement, it was one of apparent retreat from his earlier threat, though mixed with his usual lies. He clearly looked a deranged person, fearful that the next Iranian faster-than-the-speed-of-sound ballistic missile might rattle Washington itself.
There was the possibility that one wrong military move against the Islamic Republic would bring the Wrath of God upon American bases and the intruding fleets in the region, shattering once and for all the myth of U.S. invincibility.
In addition to billions of dollars of American equipment reduced to debris, any swift Iranian retaliation will definitely cause hundreds of billions of dollars of cancelled weapons contracts, as was the case last year when India cancelled the order for 30 Global Hawks, following Iran’s downing of the said sophisticated drone that was on a spying mission over southern Iran.
Therefore, in view of these undeniable realities, it is time for saner minds to prevail in Washington for full scale withdrawal of all American troops from the entire region, as it has reportedly begun to close down the al-Hasakah base in Syria, instead of procrastination and refusal to heed the directives from the Iraqi government, since it is better for the Yankees to return home in peace to their loving families, rather than be transported to cemeteries in body bags.
Martyr Soleimani might not be physically present in our midst, but his legacy is alive and active against terrorists of all shades, whether state or non-state actors, and this warrants regional states to coordinate policies and live in peace, instead of seeking the unwarranted umbrella of American military protection, which only causes tension, misery, crises, wars and bloodshed, all to the advantage of Israel, the true devilish friend of the Great Satan.