Zionist Entity on Suicidal Course

By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

While, the so-called free world has closed it eyes to the crimes of the illegal Zionist entity, Israel once again has shown its cruelty by murdering a Palestinian commander along with his wife in his own home.
Baha Abu al-Ata, 42, the commander of Al-Quds Brigades — the Palestinian resistance movement of Islamic Jihad’s military wing — and his wife were martyred during an Israeli aerial assault on their home in Gaza City in the besieged Gaza Strip on Tuesday.
Palestinians quickly responded with dozens of rockets from Gaza.
Withholding any comment critical of the target killing, the European Union, only called for a rapid and complete de-escalation. The bloc even blasted the tit-for-tat rocket launches from Gaza, saying, it was totally unacceptable and must immediately stop.
We were not surprised with these comments as the whole world knows that the fetus of this illegimate entity was fertilized within the European boundaries.
Indeed, the free world will be in grief for losing the brave Palestinian son who had sacrificed his whole life for defending the freedom and fighting for the rights of his fellow brothers and sisters.
As the Political Bureau of the Yemeni popular movement of Ansarallah, which has always voiced support for the Palestinian cause, called the assassination treacherous and cowardly and has hailed al-Ata as a heroic commander.
The illegal entity should know that Yemen is not Palestine, and these brave defenders of Yemen have proved their capabilities before. So, before making threats and atrocities, Israel should not forget Newton’s third law of motion, which is: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.
As earlier in the week, Ansarallah announced that Yemeni forces would not hesitate to "deal a stinging blow” to Israel in case Tel Aviv decides to launch attacks in Yemen. The Popular Movement reaffirmed that its anti-Israel position is based on a principled, humanitarian, moral, and religious commitment. Historically, neither the Yemeni Army nor the Ansarallah themselves, have ever targeted the Zionist regime.
Ansarallah leader Seyyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said in televised speech marking the birth anniversary celebrations of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA): "Our people will not hesitate to declare jihad against the Israeli enemy, and to launch the most severe strikes on sensitive targets in the occupied land if the enemy engages in any folly against our people.”
Ansarallah’s announcement also comes in the wake of a number of recent      statements made by several Zionist officials claiming that Yemen presents a danger to Israel.
Remember what the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA), had said: "If every Muslim around the globe were to pour a bucket of water, the cancerous tumour called Israel will definitely drown.”
Better late than never; if the free world would close ranks, definitely it will be the end of an illegitimate entity.