Islam Forbids WMDs; Science Without Ethics “Self-Destructive”
By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Science is a double-edged sword, which could either be used to secure human welfare, or could be used for destructive purposes.
This means, if scientific researches, experiments, and inventions are not properly controlled by ethics and regulated by religious principles, the result will be catastrophic, leading to decline of humanitarian values, devastation of societies (both moral and physical), destruction of the natural environment, and finally damnation of the soul – of not just the perpetrators of mischief, but also of those who do not raise their voice against the misuse of science and technology.
This was the gist of the message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his address yesterday in Tehran to a group of scientific prodigies, and through them to the whole world, especially the political powers endangering the survival of mankind by posing existential threat to the whole planet, as is evident from their assembling of doomsday arsenals, including nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei reiterated for the umpteenth time that Islamic laws forbid the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, including the atomic bomb.
He said in crystal clear words, without the least ambiguity: "Science without ethics is hazardous to mankind. Nuclear science, as it was not in harmony with the culture of humanity, led to the development of nuclear bombs and to this day it poses a threat to the world.
"We decisively and bravely refrained from it (building the bomb) even though we had the ability, since both manufacturing and stockpiling atomic bombs are wrongful, because their use tis "haram” (or religiously forbidden).”
The Leader’s verdict on misuse of nuclear energy to build WMDs, has been highlighted by all international media horns. The politicians in the region and the world very well know that there is no deviation in Iran’s peaceful nuclear project which is constantly under the watchful eyes of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Yet rulers of countries possessing doomsday arsenals and not held accountable to any international watchdog, shamelessly accuse Iran of attempts to build the bomb, so as to justify economic terrorism against a nation for its firm adherence to the enlightening laws of Islam and refusal to kowtow to them.
The roots of this hypocrisy and the doomsday scenario that they have created, lie in their lack of faith in God Almighty, coupled with their submission to the dictates of the devil.
This could be traced to the industrialization of the West in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that has resulted in the degradation of our environment, causing over exploitation of the Earth’s resources, extinction of many bird and animal species, pollution of air, water, and the soil, military proliferation and toxic wastes, among other things.
The environmental crisis thus created is the result of a greed for unlimited economic growth, without the least consideration of moral values and religious precepts.
This insatiable greed has been fueled by the materialism and secularism of the industrialized societies which view both nature and the human being, especially young women, as commodities that are to be exploited to the maximum. If the process of technological development continues unchecked, there is no hope for humanity in the future.
At a time, when the nation-states have shown their incompetence in combating environmental crises and in preventing misuse of science and technology, it is the moral responsibility of the religious leaders to come forward and voice their protest as one of the best ways of preventing both individuals and societies from what it seems to be imminent doom.
With this in mind, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, whose words resonate globally, advised Iranian scientists, technicians, scholars, and the prodigious young brains to ensure that their researches, experiments, and inventions, are all within the safe and secure spheres of moral values and Islamic laws.
Ayatollah Khamenei said without mincing words said: "Science can be dangerous if it does not go along with an upright mindset and culture; that is why we believe that academic elites must adhere firmly to "religion” and "national values”.
"Therefore, purify your hearts as much as you can, and always keep in mind the Almighty God, in your words and in your actions; then you will feel Divine help and assistance in your continuous progress.”