Hezbollah's New Missile 'Capable of Destroying All Military Battleships'
WEST BANK (Dispatches) – A twitter account affiliated with Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement posted a photo of the movement’s new missile on Sunday afternoon, which he says is capable of destroying all military battleships.
"Our new missile is capable of destroying all military battleships, killing all who are on board," wrote the Hezbollah activist, who often posts photos of South Lebanon Army (SLA) members.
In August, Hezbollah released footage and pictures of the anti-ship missile that struck the INS Hanit during the 2006 Second Lebanon War, an incident that killed four Zionist troops in one of the most significant attacks against the IDF in the war.
In a documentary called #Army_To_Be_Drowned aired on Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV channel marking the war the movement aired reconnaissance footage of the ship from the Lebanese coastline, preparations for the launch of the missile, the operations room which directed the strike as well as nighttime footage which showed the impact of the C-802 anti-ship cruise missile.
According to al-Manar, Hezbollah’s navy commander "Hajj Jalal” said the rocket was launched from the Beirut suburb of Ouzai after "the Zionist enemy escalated its attacks on various Lebanese areas.”
Adding that the group’s leadership delayed the operation for several hours, Jalal said that the movement "could have struck Israel‘s warship SAAR-5 in the 2006 war before it entered Lebanon’s international waters,” he said.
The secretary general of the resistance movement has said all of the occupied territories is within the range of the missiles of the group, adding that the resistance movement is stronger than ever despite Western sanctions.
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks during a televised interview with Hezbollah’s al-Manar television in July on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War in 2006.
"Once we said that we could strike targets south of Haifa. Today, we can say that if Israel has sites south of Eilat, then we can also hit them. All of Israel is under the range of our missiles,” he said.
The Hezbollah leader, while presenting the group’s developed capabilities, warned that in case of any confrontation, the Zionist entity would be brought to the "verge of vanishing, and it knows this.”
"We have a larger number of missiles and we have precise missiles that we did not have in 2006. We also have a large and powerful branch of UAVs,” Hezbollah’s chief further said.
Then, he held up a map of Israeli-occupied territories to the camera, pointing to potential targets for Hezbollah’s attacks.
"There is an area 70 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide ... we can destroy it all,” Nasrallah said.
However, he said a war with Israel was unlikely to happen anytime soon, stressing that Israel will not risk another war on Lebanon thanks to Hezbollah’s deterrent force.
Nasrallah also said that he had deep hope that "we will pray in al-Quds [Mosque compound]” and that he was "certain of victory in any future war, God is with us.”