Bozo Bolton Burns Out on Anniversary of 9/11 Lie

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

September 11 has again struck the U.S., and this time the victim is one of those involved or informed in advance of the implosions that brought down New York’s landmark 110-storey high twin towers of the World Trade Center in 2001, in order to put the "terror” blame on a Muslim group as part of a pretext for attacking and occupying the hapless land of Afghanistan.
The dismissal of the mustachioed bozo called John Bolton by his buffoonish boss Donald Trump only a year and five months of serving as National Security Advisor, because of reported differences on adoption of a peace policy on Afghanistan as well reluctance to go out full throttle at North Korea and Iran, does not concern the Islamic Republic the least.
Neither the appointment in April 2018 of this notorious anti-Iran nincompoop who is known as a paid agent of the MKO terrorists had dismayed us, nor his sacking will make the faces of Iranians glow.
The U.S. administration, whether composed of the Republicans or the Democrats, is after all a dastardly hyena, which is blind to realities and grossly incapable of changing its stripes.
Which means Washington’s inherent hostility towards Tehran and its policy of state terrorism, including the current phase of economic terrorism, will continue, irrespective of the Boltons, the Pompeos, and the Trumps, staying in power or not.
In other words, the Islamic Republic should go ahead with its indomitable stance of exploring space, improving missile defence technology, increasing support for Resistance Forces throughout the region, and upgrading its peaceful nuclear projects, will full determination to clear this part of the world of the presence of CENTCOM terrorists.
Only such a resolute policy ensures the success of Iran and the Iranian people and act as safeguards against the machinations of the Great Satan.
Without the least doubt, the U.S., in complicity with the Zionists, had orchestrated the 9/11/2001 incidents, and then glibly lied to the whole world that the two pilotless and empty planes that ploughed through the twin towers of the World Trade Center were hijacked from Boston airport and commandeered by supposedly Muslim terrorists, whose real identities no one knows to this date.
This is proof of the anti-Islamic strain in the American character that keeps the Palestinians under permanent pressure, approves the Israeli annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights, milks the Saudis of their oil wealth through sale of obsolete weaponry, makes the U.S. embassy more illegal by its moving to the occupied Islamic city of Bayt al-Moqaddas, confounds the fate of the Iraqi people through unabated interference in their affairs, and tries to deprive Iran of its inalienable rights.
At any rate Bolton was nothing but a third-rate rascal who cannot last long in any official capacity and had to be kicked out, while the 9/11/2001 incidents are nothing but preposterous lies in the vain hope of ensuring the precarious survival of the illegal Zionist entity.
Truth will eventually prevail since falsehood has no future, no matter what devilry it resorts to deceive public opinion.