Flames Flying Burn Those Playing With Fire

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
It is dangerous to ignite the flames of sedition against a peace-loving nation that is proverbial for its patience, piety, and prudence, but on no account will passively watch the violation of its sovereignty or the killing of its citizens.
It means those who foolishly play with fire through their acts of aggressions on Iranian interests, territory, or people, by ignoring the repeated warnings, are likely to end up as lifeless bodies when the instruments of divine wrath are unleashed upon them.
Moreover, the death of such aggressors, whoever they might be, including Global Arrogance or its foot soldiers, does not bring them any relief, but opens up upon them the eternal fire and fury of Hell.
This was the fate of those who recently infiltrated Iran’s northwestern border provinces, tried in vain to stir up sedition, and cowardly killed Iranian guards, on the assumption that they and their bases are safe in Iraqi Kurdistan under the protection of the Great Satan.
Iran’s response, however, was swift and searing as drones and missiles found with pinpoint precision the hideouts of the terrorists, reducing their Israeli-supplied arsenals to debris and many of them to charred bodies or severely injured, writhing in pain and agony for their treason against the country.
It is self-deception to think that the traitors operating against Iran, whether from across the borders of Iraqi Kurdistan or for from across the borders of Pakistani Baluchistan, are not following the orders of the US, Saudi Arabia, and the Zionist regime.
As a matter of fact these are all coordinated moves against the Islamic Republic and sequels to Donald Trump the Dotard’s breach of the international nuclear accord and his dragging of the US towards its doom on the misconception of forcing Iran to yield.
As a result we have seen the CENTCOM terrorists damage six oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman so far, lose their highly sophisticated and expensive spying drone to a perfect missile shot when it entered Iranian airspace, goad Britain to commit an act of piracy in the Strait of Gibraltar through seizure of a super tanker carrying Iranian crude, and order treacherous elements hiding in Iraqi Kurdistan to cross into Iran to disturb peace and murder Iranian soldiers.
It is hoped that the latest retaliation of the Islamic Republic will serve as a lesson for the US and its cohorts, of the fate that awaits them in case of one wrong move.
In the meantime, as demanded by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Britain should release the illegally detained tanker ‘Grace 1’ or get ready to face the consequences of its blatant act of piracy on the high seas.
No, Iranian boats did not fail to seize the tanker ‘British Heritage’ in the Strait of Hormuz, as alleged, due to it being escorted by a British destroyer.
If and when Iranian marine patrols decide to divert any British vessel towards Iranian ports, they will do it with a clear announcement and along with British warship(s) as well.