Tuesday 02 March 2021
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Publish Date: 21 February 2021 - 21:18
WEST BANK (Dispatches) – Harb Abu-Elkbash, a 48-year-old Palestinian Bedouin, spent the ninth straight snowy night on Saturday without shelter under the open sky in freezing temperatures, Anadolu Agency reports.
Zionist troops stormed his village of Homsa al-Baqia, located east of the city of Tubas in the Jordan Valley, 38 miles (61 kilometers) north of al-Quds, and uprooted his tent and sheepfold.
As a snowstorm descended on Palestine last Wednesday, Zionist troops prevented the village’s residents from taking refuge in tents.
Since the first time on November 3 last year, the Zionist regime’s bulldozers have repeatedly razed this village.
The remnants of tents, sheds, portable toilets, and solar panels belonging to the 11 families who call Homsa home were strewn across the farmland.
As villagers like Harb try to rebuild the shelters for themselves and their livestock, the army returns to demolish them again, forcing the hapless community to spend nights roofless.
The occupying regime has frequently demolished Palestinian homes, while at the same time expanded its settlements for Zionists in occupied Palestinian territories, which are all illegal under international law.
The Israeli rights group B’Tselem said last month that the regime had demolished 729 Palestinian buildings in 2020 on the pretext of lacking construction permits.
The Zionist regime’s bulldozers demolished the homes of Palestinian Bedouins in al-Araqeeb village in the West Bank on Wednesday for the 183rd time.
Residents were forced to face the winter storms and rain without shelter.
Located in the Negev (Naqab) desert, the village is one of 51 "unrecognized” Arab villages in the area, which are inhabited by over 20 Palestinian families, are built of wood, plastic, and corrugated iron.
The demolitions of Al-Araqeeb are carried out by the occupying regime in attempts to force the Bedouin population to relocate to regime-zoned townships.
A day earlier, a Zionist district court in al-Quds issued a decision to evict six families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East al-Quds, where they have lived for almost 70 years, to make way for Zionist settlers.
Israeli NGO Peace Now said in a statement on Tuesday that the Palestinian families, comprised of 27 people living in four houses, were notified of the decision on Monday, and were given until 2 May to vacate their homes.
The organization said that the decision was "part of an organized move designed to dispossess a Palestinian community of its home and establish a settlement in Sheikh Jarrah in its place”.

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