Friday 26 February 2021
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Publish Date: 25 January 2021 - 21:17

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Whether Republican or Democrat, the musical chairs played every four years in the US, doesn’t change the ingrained hegemonic nature of the two parties taking turns to rule the roost from the White House.
The American regime, aptly called the ‘Great Satan’ by the Sage of Age, the Late Imam Khomeini (RA), is without the least doubt the source of all tensions, instability, aggressions, terrorism, wars, and bloodshed all over the globe.
With Donald Trump the Dotard, who started the trade-war with China, no longer in power in Washington, Joe Biden, his replacement from the rival party, instead of rectifying the wrongs, seems intransigent in continuing the same mischievous policies of his much-loathed predecessor on the international scene – perhaps on a bigger scale.
When the 78-year old Biden could have set in order the disturbed domestic domain by de-escalating the partisan and racist divisions fueled by Trump or taking proper measures to try to control the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, he is trying to flex abroad the old sagging military muscles of the US.
This is evident by the provocative dispatch of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, along with three warships to the South China Sea, on the lame pretext of supporting what the Americans mischievously call "allies” and "partners” on the other side of the world.
It is obvious the intention is to disrupt the trillions of dollars of trade that flows each year through the eastern Pacific benefitting the rim states.
It was but natural for China to react to such lawlessness and warn the US of the consequences of its provocative moves dangerously near to its territorial waters, on the heels of Trump’s meddling in Hong Kong and the brazen militarization of the breakaway Chinese island of Taiwan, which Beijing, with UN support, believes should eventually return to the mainland.
First of all there are no unresolvable disputes in the South China Sea, and even if they were, the regional countries can get together to remove misunderstandings, which have become complicated because of the illegal stationing of US troops in Japan, South Korea and other places.
East and Southeast Asia need peace and cooperation, and not the meddling by outsider US to create tension.
This same devilish policy of the US has kept West Asia and Afghanistan divided, and if not for the stabilizing policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran the whole region would have become an American enclave.
The regional people, whether in West Asia or East Asia, do not need the US to interfere in their affairs either through stationing of military forces or support for certain states.
If the regional states sit together at the negotiating table in earnest, without the US presence in any way, the problems would be resolved.
They should talk with each other, and not consult or negotiate with the US – a childishly dangerous notion that only legitimizes the unlawful American presence.
Iran has shown that it doesn’t need the permission of the US to process nuclear energy for peaceful use, or develop defence technology to deter any would-be outside aggressor, or still respond to the request from legitimate governments and popular forces for thwarting the designs of terrorists and the illegal Zionist entity.
In view of these facts, no talks are needed with the US, which should end its occupation of Afghanistan, withdraw troops from Syria, Iraq, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Persian Gulf, as well as from Africa and the Mediterranean.
No one expects Biden to be an ambassador of peace, but he should know that disturbing the peace of the world – whether in East Asia or West Asia – might lead to catastrophic consequences for the US.

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