Monday 08 March 2021
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Publish Date: 24 January 2021 - 22:08
Former American Diplomat in Saudi Arabia:
WASHINGTON (Dispatches) -- J. Michael Springmann, a former U.S. diplomat in Saudi Arabia, says the U.S. is stealing Syrian oil from the Syrian people and sending it to somewhere else presumably to Occupied Palestine.
"The United States is plundering Syria’s natural resources to send them to other places that will benefit from American theft,” he told Press TV late Saturday.
According to Syria’s state media, 200 troops were flown to U.S. bases in Al-Shaddadi on January 21 for future deployment at Omar oil field and Koniko gas field in neighboring Dayr al-Zawr province. The reports said the U.S. military had also dispatched 40 truckloads of weapons and logistical equipment to Hasakah.
"The fact that the United States of America is moving soldiers from Iraq, which it is occupying, to Syria which it continues to occupy in order to steal Syrian oil from the Syrian people and to send the oil to somewhere else presumably to the apartheid entity [of Israel] and other places that will benefit from American theft of Syrian oil. This is typical of the U.S. and should be shown in contrast to 25,000 soldiers that were surrounding Joe Biden when he was being inaugurated, just a few days ago,” Springmann said.
"It shows the Americans have the wrong-headed approach to foreign policy. They were terrified of what might happen to their president, because of his actions and the Democratic Party’s actions, and attacks and occupations of foreign countries around the world,” he stated.

"So I think that this is another example of what’s wrong with America. And Joe Biden is someone who can’t be trusted. He cannot be trusted by even his own people. And that the United States of America has forces occupying Germany and Japan seventy five years after the Second World War,” he added.
In October 2019, then-president Donald Trump stated the U.S. would be "keeping the oil” in northeastern Syria.
At the time, former Pentagon chief Mark Esper confirmed U.S. troops would remain in the eastern Syrian province of Dayr al-Zawr "to secure the oil fields”.
Springmann said the U.S. is "depriving the Syrian state and Syrian people of the basic revenues necessary to improve the humanitarian situation, provide for livelihood needs and reconstruction”.
Washington-based website and newspaper Politico reported in early August 2020 that the American company Delta Crescent Energy LLC, in an apparent attempt to "legitimize” what appears to be the outright theft of the Syrian nation’s oil, had inked a secret deal with Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria to develop and export the region’s crude oil.
The deal, announced by Republican U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham on August 2, 2020, who explained that it involved modernisation of the oil wells in northeastern Syria, was denounced as null and void by Damascus.
Prior to the devastating U.S.-backed war which broke out in 2011, Syria produced around 380,000 barrels of oil per day.

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