Monday 18 January 2021
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Publish Date: 18 December 2020 - 21:29

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

‘Sports-washing’, a deception designed by the repressive minority regime of the former ‘pearl island’ of the Persian Gulf in a bid to mislead the world has begun to flounder, no matter if doctors in neighbouring Abu Dhabi have been bribed to rule Formula One (F1) world champion Lewis Hamilton "Coronavirus positive” in order to prevent him to really "hit home” on the Manama race track, following his recent raising of the human rights issue during a press conference in the UAE.
Hamilton, a conscientious British national who despite London’s sordid record of worsening humanitarian plight in its former colonies, including Bahrain, happens to be an outspoken supporter of the "Black Lives Matter” movement.
And this has encouraged 11-year old Ahmad Ramadhan to write a letter to him to help save his father, Mohammad, from execution at the hands of the Aal-e Khalifa pirate regime, following the death verdict issued by a kangaroo court in Bahrain.
According to the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD), the letter, accompanied by a drawn picture of Hamilton’s Mercedes race car, said: "Lewis, please save my father. When I was drawing the car, I felt hope that it might save my father’s life.”
Hats off to Hamilton, who said the Bahraini boy’s letter "really (hit) home.”
To the horror of his hosts in Abu Dhabi, and more importantly, to the nightmare of the British-backed brutal band of Bahrain, the 7-times world champion, assured the boy that he would definitely take up the issue of human rights abuses with the F1 organizers in Manama later this month.
This indicates a gradual moral awakening to the realities of the Aal-e Khalifa’s abysmal human rights record against the backdrop of the regime’s ‘sports-washing’ tactic, to deflect attention from its crimes against humanity.
It is worth noting, the F1 grand prix has a dubious record of being hosted previously in other countries with similar violation of human rights.
It is also interesting to note that the cultishly cruel Aal-e Saudi regime of Riyadh, notorious for its funding of takfiri terrorists abroad while savagely suppressing any voice for freedom of rights and religious practices at home (similar to the Israeli-oriented clique in Manama), is also planning to start its own ‘sports-washing’ scheme of F1 next year.
It is obvious that Saudi Arabia will utterly fail in its clumsy tactics because of the growing awareness among athletes and sportsmen, like Lewis Hamilton, of human rights abuses by countries that are trying to use them for distracting attention from their crimes against the people they rule.
Hamilton has been a champion of several social, political and humanitarian causes in recent times, and this was the reason the 35-year-old Briton has been receiving letters from Bahraini citizens seeking his help and influence.
He said: "I think the saddest thing for me was that there is a young man on death row and when his son writes me a letter that really hits home. All lives matter. I think there’s definitely work to be done in the background.”
So far, some 16 rights groups have sent a joint letter to F1 bosses to take action on the upcoming races in Bahrain, while castigating the repressive Aal-e Khalifa minority regime from using the event to ‘sports-wash’ its abuses.
Bahrain hosts the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet and US Naval Forces Central Command (CENTCOM terrorists), and as of 2018, a so-called ‘permanent’ British military base.
It was Britain, which granted protection to the Aal-e Khalifa in 1820, over a decade after these pirates had seized Bahrain from the weak Qajarid dynasty of Iran.
To sum up, although Hamilton’s medical checkup has been deliberately doctored in Abu Dhabi to depict him "Coronavirus-positive” this will not stop the further failure of the ‘sports-wash’ deception being used by the Israel-backed anti-people regime of Manama.

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