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Publish Date: 20 November 2020 - 19:48
TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Iranian President Hassan in a video conference Rouhani on Thursday inaugurated 13 major road and airport projects with a government investment of nearly $121 million.
Rouhani’s office said a total of 31.43 trillion rials had been spent on the projects to help expand the transportation sector in Iran.
The Iranian president said during the inauguration ceremony that American sanctions on Iran had undermined his administration’s plans to renovate the entire transportation fleet in the country.
"If it was not for the viciousness of the incumbent U.S. administration, the government had carried out planning for renovation of the entire road, rail and air transportation fleet,” said Rouhani, adding, however, that fleet renovation has continued at a slower pace in recent years.
He promised that nine major highway projects would finish in the early month of the next calendar year beginning March 2021.
Among projects opened on Thursday was the final section of an east-west corridor passing along the Persian Gulf coast, a 100-kilometer road in the province of Hormozgan, as well as two bypasses around the cities of Isfahan and Kerman, located in central and southeastern Iran, respectively.
Airport projects included renovation and expansion schemes at five airports in the cities of Gorgan, Shahroud, Mashahd, Isfahan and Tabriz.
On aviation industry, Rouhani said Iran will continue to remain a major transit hub in the region despite repeated attempts by the US to discourage freight and passenger transport through the country’s airspace.
"The daily transit of 1,400 flights through Iran’s airspace shows that the position of our country is very special and valuable,” he said.

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