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Publish Date: 11 November 2020 - 21:46
TEHRAN (IFILM) -- Amin Palangi, the founder and director of the Persian International Film Festival says one of the main goals of the festival is to reflect the resonance of Iranian culture to western audiences.
Speaking about the 9th Persian Film Festival, Palangi said the main audience of the festival is Australian film lovers.
"My goal and plan in all these years have been to attract new viewers to Iranian cinema” and Persian-language films, which could be produced by Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, or any other country.
Palangi, the director of ‘Love Marriage in Kabul’, noted that the bulk of the films, which would be screened at the upcoming edition of the festival next month, are made by Iranian filmmakers.
"This festival is a bridge linking between Iran and Persian-speaking societies on the one hand, and Western audience on the other,” he said.
"We want to reflect the resonance of Iranian culture to an audience in Australia, who may have misconceptions about Iranian society.”
Palangi stressed that the festival holds a very special place among other events in Australia.
Noting that there are people of various nationalities who live in Australia and hold many cultural and artistic events, he said the Persian Film Festival is one of only three events supported by the Australian government.
Palangi stressed that such patronage is not highly financial, but is very significant in terms of credibility and prestige.
He added that important figures in cinema and Oscar nominees served as jury members at the previous editions of the festival.
The 2020 edition of the Persian International Film Festival will take place on December 3-6.

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