Wednesday 25 November 2020
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Publish Date: 27 October 2020 - 22:08

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
We have said it before, and we say it again, and this time with full conviction: Emmanuel Macron is without the least doubt a "moron”.
Those who think that the French president is not mentally unbalanced are advised to carefully observe his mannerisms, both actions and words.
We are not concerned here about his personal life, including his marriage to a woman more than his mother’s age and having sons older than him.
Surely, the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims, plus billions more conscientious people around the globe cannot be wrong in their judgement about him in view of his open expression of hatred towards Islam.
What makes us certain that Macron is a "moron” is his blasphemous defence of the sacrilegious caricatures attributed to the Almighty’s Greatest Messenger to mankind on the pretext of freedom of expression, as well as his mad meddling in the internal affairs of Lebanon to impose an unrepresentative government in Beirut on the pretense of freedom of action, as if France is still a colonial power.
Our Foreign Ministry when it summoned France’s ambassador in Tehran to protest the French president’s fanning of the flames of Islamophobia, observed diplomatic etiquette to call his move "unwise”, but we, as a newspaper enjoying full freedom of expression, have to tell him in a frank and forthright manner that he has gone berserk.
This means, for his own safety and for the safety and survival of France, the visibly maniacal Macron should immediately leave the Elysee Palace and handover state affairs to some sane person.
The 5-million plus Muslim citizens of France are furious at him for ordering a heavy-handed government clampdown on their communities following the killing some 12 days ago of high school teacher Samuel Paty, who rather invited his own death by his devilish display of sacrilegious caricatures attributed to Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) as well as to Jesus (peace upon him), whom Islam considers as one of the Five Greatest Messengers of God.
We are not condoning Anzorov’s rash reaction to his teacher’s trouble-seeking action, but if Macron, or the cabinet he heads, had any sense, he would have strongly denounced the dead Paty for crime against God and humanity, instead of blasphemously defending the sacrilege against Islam and Muslims.
His "unwise” response has led to outbursts of racism in France and in other European cities, where some ignorant crowds have held racist rallies against Islam and Muslims, rather than awakening their own Christian conscience to condemn the insult to both the Messenger of Mercy and to the Prophet of Peace (Jesus) by the criminal Paty.
These chauvinist elements demonstrating in Paris and other cities with the backing of Macron and similar un-Christian heads of some European states, seem to have no regard for humanitarian values, the tenets of Christianity, and the national interests of France, which immersed in an economic crisis, and an out-of-control Coronavirus pandemic, can ill-afford trade, diplomatic, and political boycott by the Muslim world.
In other words, the extremist elements who have taken to the streets in defence of the sacrilegious caricatures and the ill-defined freedom of speech and action, are playing right into the hands of the Zionists, those avowed enemies of humanity  who openly slander Jesus and his Virgin Mother, Mary (peace upon them).
Are the French Christian masses aware of this widely practiced blasphemy in Israel?
Do they know that Muslims never insult the Prophets of God, including Moses, Jesus, and others?
Have they bothered to read the Qur’an which has a special Surah (chapter) titled "Maryam” in honour of the Messiah’s spotlessly pure mother, and confirms the miracles performed by Jesus?
In view of these undeniable facts, it is advisable for the concerned authorities in France to offer apology to both their Muslim citizens and to Muslim countries, before the deranged Macron’s campaign of hatred does irreparable harm to French interests all over the world.

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