Saturday 05 December 2020
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Publish Date: 19 October 2020 - 21:40

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The current round of public protests in the Persian Gulf island state of Bahrain against the repressive Aal-e Khalifa minority regime’s treason towards Islam’s former qibla and backstabbing of the Palestinian people by formally setting up diplomatic relations with the illegal Zionist entity, are indeed signs of positive developments in the region that augur well for the future.
Bahrain’s largest political party ‘al-Wefaq’ has written a letter to the UN of the firm opposition of over 95 percent of the Bahraini people to any sort of ties with usurper Israel, saying that this figure can be ascertained if the World Body were to oversee a free and fair referendum in the island state.
Of course, the rootless and unrepresentative pirate regime in Manama, which for long, especially since the grand peaceful rallies of the Bahrain people in 2011, has stifled the voices of democracy, will never agree to the holding of such a public poll in support of Palestinian people or protection of the sanctity of the al-Aqsa Mosque for obvious reasons.
This would be self-acknowledgement of the lack of legitimacy of the Aal-e Khalifas, indicating that it is time to end its occupation of Bahrain and move on to exile in Britain or the US where the plundering clan has stashed away billions of dollars of the people’s looted wealth.
Nonetheless, the people of Bahrain have a date with destiny and sooner than later they will achieve independence despite the unwanted presence of the US Fifth Fleet and now the influx of the Israelis – mostly torturers to further torment the oppressed people or so-called traders to steal whatever riches the Aal-e Khalifa have not looted.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has made it clear to the treasonous regimes in Abu Dhabi and Manama – as well as in Riyadh – that it will never allow the Zionists to consolidate their illegal presence in the Persian Gulf.
As for the people of Palestine, especially the political parties in Gaza, Bayt al-Moqaddas, and the West Bank, or in exile in any part of the world, such open support expressed to their cause by the oppressed people of Bahrain, should make them differentiate between friends and foes.
Unfortunately, the so-called leaders of the Palestinian people have erred at crucial moments regarding this vital issue, only to prolong the plight of Palestine that will not be remedied by regrets.
For instance, besides their being fooled by the Americans and the Zionists, the Palestinian leaders have a track record of placing trust in the wrong persons in the Arab world.
They had backed the Ba’th minority dictator Saddam against the Iraqi people, whose uprising against tyranny they never supported. They turned their backs upon benefactor Bashar al-Assad when terrorists of all hue and colour had ganged up together to try to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria with the support of the US, West European powers, Arab reactionary regimes, Turkey, and Israel.
They did not express any support for the popular Ansarallah Movement of Yemen despite it being one of the staunchest opponents of Zionism. Likewise, they had failed to show any sympathies for the people of Bahrain whom the Aal-e Khalifa and the Aal-e Sauds so brutally crushed over the past decade.
Yet, despite such gross miscalculations by the Palestinian leadership, Iraq’s popular Hashd ash-Sha’bi, the Syrian president, Yemen’s Ansarallah, and now the ulema and people of Bahrain, have never hesitated in coming to the rescue of the people of Palestine.
It is high time, not just Hamas, but also the PLO, should openly thank the people of Bahrain and publicly support their struggle against the repressive Aal-e Khalifa regime, which is nothing but a tool of usurper Israel, and as a prelude to the liberation of Palestine should be first overthrown.

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