Thursday 22 October 2020
News ID: 83445
Publish Date: 02 October 2020 - 21:53
TEHRAN (Dispatches) – Iran’s Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian expressed the country’s readiness to initiate energy cooperation with the European countries.
Addressing a virtual meeting dubbed ‘Europe-Caspian’ held in Berlin, Ardakanian said Iran’s energy infrastructure in the oil, gas and electricity sectors can be a good platform for the transfer of energy to Europe.
The meeting was held to review issues related to the development of economic cooperation, especially energy, between the countries of the Caspian Sea region.
The energy minister noted that the huge energy resources plus abundant skilled manpower and facilities can provide the ground for the transit of goods from the Caspian Sea littoral states and prosperity of international transport corridors, as well as energy corridors, especially electricity transmission corridor.
"In order to help promote communications of landlocked neighbors with international markets, we have created a huge transit infrastructure in our country and have demonstrated in practice our commitment to regional development and peace and stability,” Ardakanian said.
"We are ready to connect Iran’s electricity network, as the largest power generation power in the Middle East, with European countries and to provide the ground for exchange, especially the export of electricity as a green energy, with Europe.”
The Iranian minister also highlighted that Europe can meet part of its future energy needs on a sustainable basis through investment in Iran’s energy sector.

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