Thursday 22 October 2020
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Publish Date: 23 September 2020 - 21:43

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
What a bunch of idiots our blind enemies are! They have clearly failed to learn from the mistakes of their progenitors and are adopting the same self-defeatist policies that Ba’thist dictator Saddam and his masters in the White House did these days in 1980 by imposing a war that instead of bringing about the collapse of the Islamic Republic of Iran, badly boomeranged upon them.
Today, Saddam has long vanished from the scene, while Jimmy Carter, who had instructed him to invade Iran and is still alive as a 95 year old non-entity, is hardly known by any average American citizen that he was once a US president.
As Iran is proudly celebrating these days the 40th anniversary of its Holy Defence that shattered the Ba’thist war machine and along with it US prestige, Donald Trump and his team of dotards are resorting to the same mistakes of the past, and this time with a policy of economic terrorism.
The US sanctions are mosquito bites for the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people who over the past four decades have demonstrated to the whole world that they are made of sterner stuff, will never sacrifice their faith and independence on the altar of American interests.
Even if the present US administration has no interest in studying the recent history of our region, it can at least reflect on the situation in our neighbourhood to better understand the power and prestige of Islamic Iran.
Among the values of the Holy Defence, whose memories the Iranian people have kept alive, are not just the astounding successes of the Islamic Republic in the field of science and technology, but its serving as a role model for people and states aspiring to be independent of the hegemony of the US and the West.
For instance, in several countries of West Asia we have two diametrically opposed currents – one in favour of sovereignty and independence, and the other openly dependent on either Europe or the US and against the interests of their own people.
This is more evident in Lebanon, where a minority group is following the dictates of France to form a government that will work for Paris and Washington, while the majority of the Lebanese, including the legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, along with independent Christian and Sunni Muslim parties favour independence, sovereignty, and self-dignity.
Without the least doubt, they have been influenced by the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose epic battles during the 8-year imposed war of the 1980s are also inspiring the people of Syria as well as that of Yemen to knit ranks and defeat the aggressors, no matter the number of sacrifices and the economic problems they face because of the terrorist policies of the invaders backed by the US, Britain, and the illegal Zionist entity.
In Palestine itself, the struggle for liberation and the goal of weeding out Israel from the region, continues against all odds, thanks to the inspiration from Islamic Iran and the Holy Defence.
It is the same story in Iraq, where the Hashd ash-Sha’bi or Popular Mobilization Units represent the aspiration of the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people for independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and self-dignity.
The Iraqi Muslims very well know how to differentiate friends from foes. The US, which is working through its agents to form a minority unrepresentative government, will not succeed, while the majority which feels indebted to Islamic Iran for deliverance from Takfiri terrorism is determined to defeat American meddling.
It is worth noting that the imposed war which was planned by the US, Saddam and Arab reactionary regimes to create bad blood between the friendly and fraternal people of Iran and Iraq, never succeeded in its devilish designs.
The age-old cordial ties between the people of Iran and Iraq is proof in this regard, much to the chagrin of the US, which will ultimately fail in Bahrain, and all over the region.
Irrespective of whether Trump wins or loses the presidential elections, he will soon vanish into the dustbin of history as a shortsighted criminal who dragged the US to its doom by unnecessarily confronting the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose spiritual power is greater than its material achievements of the past forty years of Holy Defence.

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