Sunday 25 October 2020
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Publish Date: 18 September 2020 - 23:14

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It was a thundering slap on the face of the US president that should leave him black and blue – if only the shameless terrorist Donald (the Dotard) Trump has any sense left in him.
It could be called a blistering black bash for the white racist Trump, and that too coming from a dark-skinned lady – the South African Minister of International Relations Naledi Pandor – in response to his floating of a fake news report that the Islamic Republic of Iran was planning to kill the US ambassador in Pretoria, Lana Marks.
Naledi Pandor said in response that the Republic of South Africa was "as surprised as its Iranian friends” after learning about the American news website Politico’s report of the alleged plot by Tehran.
She said in an interview with her country’s SABC News: "It’s been a very strange public statement and of course our friends in Iran are as surprised as we were.”
Pandor added: "I find it surprising, why would Iran being a very good friend of South Africa come and commit a horrendous act in a country which has been a good friend to Iran, and of such a nature?”
It is obvious that Trump and his team of terrorists through such false news, coupled with sanctions and threats against Iran, are indulging in a wild game to try to mislead public opinion in the US for votes in the November presidential elections.
Lana Marks maybe of Jewish Lithuanian origin, but has nothing to fear from Iran as a country with West Asia’s largest Jewish population which enjoys all birthrights as Iranian citizens.
What she should be apprehensive of is the danger to life by the illegal Zionist entity, in view of the fact that Israeli agents are active in South Africa, and on the orders of Mossad and the CIA, may resort to some foul attempt against her life in a clumsy bid to lay the blame on Iran.
And if they resort to such a dastardly move in order to find an excuse for aggression upon Iran then they should know that the Islamic Republic’s reply will be shattering for the CENTCOM terrorists.
Tehran has in its crosshairs all those involved in the cowardly killing of General Qassim Soleimani, and one wrong move, hell will break loose on the US, making Trump rue the day he was born.
Meanwhile, Tehran and Pretoria have enjoyed friendly relations ever since the end of the apartheid and emergence of South Africa as an independent country on the world scene under the Late Nelson Mandela.
This has become an eyesore for both the US and the racist Zionists who have come with such a clumsy claim to try to disrupt the sound and healthy reciprocal ties.
They will, however, not succeed, as is evident by the remarks of an important minister of South Africa, who has the honour of visiting the Islamic Republic in the recent past.
Iran has several aces up its sleeve, and will not hesitate to use them against Trump and his tramps if the need arises.

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