Sunday 20 September 2020
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Publish Date: 16 September 2020 - 21:55
Palestinian Missiles Tear Through Iron Dome
TEL AVIV (Dispatches) -- Thirteen Zionists were injured after two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Ashkelon and Ashdod in southern occupied territories on Tuesday, Israeli daily the Jerusalem Post reported on Wednesday.
Rocket sirens sounded as the occupying regime’s premier Benjamin Netanyahu signed normalization deals at the White House with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.
The paper claimed one of the rockets was intercepted. Asuta Medical Center in Ashdod received 13 patients.
Before dawn Wednesday, the Israeli military, 13 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, eight of which were allegedly intercepted by the Iron Dome system.
The predawn attacks, it said, triggered sirens at least five times over a half-hour period — from roughly 4:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. — in the town of Sderot and communities in the Eshkol and Sha’ar Hanegev regions early Wednesday.  It was not immediately clear where the other five rockets struck.
Netanyahu and his war minister Benny Gantz held security consultations on Wednesday morning about the rocket fire, the Times of Israel reported.
Both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad put out statements in support of the attacks. The rocket fire was the first attacks since the occupying regime submitted to a ceasefire with Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip late last month and the largest barrage since February.
The occupying regime of Israel’s military said it struck the Gaza Strip early Wednesday.
The barrage against Zionist targets began Tuesday night just as the ceremony in Washington was getting underway to formalize the new agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.  
The renewed exchange offered a stark reminder that the festive events in Washington would likely do little to change Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians.  
The Palestinians are opposed to the agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, viewing them as a betrayal of their cause by the Arab countries, which agreed to recognize Israel without securing territorial concessions. They vowed that the agreements, and any others that may follow, will not undermine their cause.
Neither President Donald Trump nor Netanyahu mentioned the Palestinians in their remarks at the signing ceremony.
The occupying regime of Israel and the Palestinians have fought three wars and several smaller skirmishes since 2007. Egypt and Qatar have brokered an informal ceasefire in recent years in which Hamas has reined in rocket attacks in exchange for economic aid and a loosening of the blockade, but the arrangement has broken down on a number of occasions.
Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem responded to the normalization deals shortly after the rockets were fired from Gaza, saying that "the normalization agreements between the UAE and Bahrain with
 the Zionist entity are not worth the ink with which they were written – and our people, with their insistence on the struggle until the full recovery of their rights, will deal with these agreements as if they were non-existent,” according to Palestinian media.
"A question to the United States of America, Israel, Bahrain and the UAE: Will the signing of the normalization agreement at the White House now prevent these missiles from leaving Gaza tonight to Israel?” asked senior Fatah official Monir al-Jaghoub in response to the deals and rocket fire. "Peace begins in Palestine and war begins in Palestine.”

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