Tuesday 01 December 2020
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Publish Date: 15 September 2020 - 21:49

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Last Monday’s huge rallies in Sana’a and other cities and towns of northern Yemen to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Zayd ibn Ali (AS) – from whom the Zaydi Shi’a Muslims take their name and on whose struggle against tyranny they base their revolutionary ideals – are yet another proof of the indomitable spirit of the Ansarallah Movement to safeguard the sovereignty of their country in the face of the war imposed by the Saudi-UAE coalition on the orders of the US, Britain, and the illegal Zionist entity.
The rallies attended by men, women, and children, carrying placards inscribed with the name of Zayd the Martyr – a grandson of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWA) celebrated grandson, Imam Husain (AS) – as well as determination to continue the struggle until the defeat of the ‘coalition of criminals’, denounced the recent backstabbing of the Palestinian cause by the reactionary regimes of the Persian Gulf through their now open alliance with Israel. The rallies echoed with vociferous cries of "Ya Husain”, tributes to the immortal martyrs of the heartrending tragedy of Karbala, and "death to the Saudis & Israel”.
Shi’a Muslims, the majority of them Zaydis, form over 50 percent of the population of united Yemen, accounting for more than 80 percent of the population in the northern parts, which until the 1962 civil war that lasted 8 years, were ruled for over a thousand years by successive Shi’a Muslim dynasties.
The popular Ansarallah Movement, which in the 1990s breathed new life into the Shi’a Muslims of Yemen through social, cultural, and educational reforms, is today spearheading the armed struggle for the independence, integrity, and unity of the country, despite over five years of intense aerial bombing by its avowed enemies, the pro-Zionist regimes of the British-created spurious states – Saudi Arabia and UAE.
The upstart Wahhabi regime of Riyadh, which since 1934 is in occupation of three of the northern provinces of Yemen – Najran, Asir, and Jizan – is terrified at the idea of an independent Yemen led by the Ansarallah.
That is reason the Saudis and the Emiratis have ganged up together to destroy the infrastructure of Yemen and so far kill over a 120,000 men, women, and children.
The Yemenis, whose spirit of resistance and retaliation in the form of rapidly improving drone and ballistic missile technology, have struck industrial/military targets deep inside Saudi Arabia – and to a lesser extent the UAE.
These invaders of Yemen who have virtually occupied the southern parts including the strategic Socotra Island that has reportedly been handed over to Israel for setting up an espionage-military base, are being militarily aided by the US and Britain, followed by France, as the UN not just looks the other way but whose representative to resolve the crisis in Yemen – British diplomat Martin Griffiths – openly sides with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
This means Washington, London, and Paris are comrades-in-crimes against the people of Yemen, along with the Saudis, Emiratis, and the Zionists, but in spite of supplying state-of-the-art lethal weapons, have failed to dent the determination of the people of Yemen, especially the popular Ansarallah Movement.
Thanks to their proverbial spirit of resistance which the Yemeni people derive from Martyr Zayd, the heavily armed aggressors have been kept at bay and are currently suffering disastrous defeats in Marib Province.
It is worth recalling that in 121 AH – 60 years after history’s most heartrending tragedy at Karbala – Zayd, a son of the Prophet’s great-grandson and 4th Infallible Heir, Imam Zain al-Abedin (AS), was cruelly martyred near Kufa in Iraq by the Omayyad regime, at the age of 42. He rose up against the tyranny of Hesham Ibn Abdul-Malik, the self-styled caliph of the usurper Omayyad regime, in order to safeguard the fruits of the uprising of his Infallible Grandfather, Imam Husain (AS).
Zayd’s martyrdom was foretold by Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) over a hundred and ten years earlier when he put his hand on the back of his younger grandson, and said: "O Husain, it will not be long until a man will be born among your descendants. He will be called Zayd; he will be killed as a martyr. On the day of resurrection, he and his companions will enter heaven.”
Zayd, whose valiant young son, Yahya was to be martyred four years after him in Khorasan in 125 AH by the Omayyads, never claimed the imamate and was obedient to his elder brother, Imam Muhammad Baqer (AS), and after him to his nephew, Imam Ja’far Sadeq (AS) – respectively the 5th and 6th Divinely-designated Heirs of the Almighty’s Last and Greatest Messenger.
The sacred blood of the martyrs of Islam never flows in vain and sooner or later will triumph over the sophisticated weapons of the aggressors, as the people of Yemen are about to prove to the modern world through their iron-resolve to defeat the enemies of their homeland by refreshing memories of the immortal epics of the past.

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