Thursday 01 October 2020
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Publish Date: 12 September 2020 - 21:40

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
What did the US administration gain and what has it lost?
This is the question doing the rounds of political, academic, and media circles 19 years after the FBI and Mossad had ganged up together to implode New York’s landmark twin-tower 110-storey high World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, as two pilotless aircraft ploughed through it, as per plans, in front of waiting TV cameras to give the impression that it was a terrorist attack in the heart of the US by ‘Arab’ hijackers associated with al-Qa’eda and based in remote Afghanistan.
Nothing could be far from the truth. Today, as the US is trapped knee-deep in uncontrollable forest fires devouring up millions of hectares while the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire to afflict around seven million people in the US so far (of which almost 200,000 have already died), the official US version of the 9/11/2001 incidents have long lost credibility and are hardly believed by anyone.
So discredited has the US become that even those that had masterminded the New York incidents or had supported the American war on so-called terror around the globe, are ruing their folly in unwittingly triggering the unstoppable decline of their country which in the near future will no longer be considered a superpower.
In retrospect it could be said that the US has lost far more than what it could claim to have gained, including the current desperate moves to push its Arab clients to enter into open diplomatic relations with the illegitimate Zionist entity.
In the immediate aftermath of 9/11/2001, the Republican regime of George Bush Jr. had attacked and occupied Afghanistan on the pretext of punishing its own protégé, Saudi citizen Osama bin Laden of al-Qa’eda, for the New York incidents.
Today, however, after massacring hundreds of thousands of Afghans and losing thousands of their own soldiers, the same Republican regime, led this time by Donald Trump, is in the process of handing over power to the same Taleban militia it had dislodged in Kabul in 2001.
In March 2003, a year-and-half after 9/11/2001, Washington decided to kick out its henchman in Iraq – Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime who was no longer of any use after having waged a futile 8-year war in the 1980s to try to topple the Islamic Republic system of government in Iran.
But today the Americans, after slaughtering over two million Iraqi men, women, and children, suffering thousands of casualties of their own, are retreating from Iraq, where they are the most hated persons on Earth.
In Syria, the US has miserably failed to overthrow the elected government of President Bashar al-Assad through some of the most macabrely murderous terrorists, whose prime aim was to transform into Takfiristan the whole region around the Islamic Republic of Iran – actually the main target of the 9/11/2001 events, but which, to the horror of the Americans, has emerged as the paramount power in the West Asia region by scaling the peaks of technological progress in the face of the most intense economic terrorism in history.
According to conservative estimates, the US over the past 19 years has spent more than $7 trillion on it direct and indirect wars that have displaced some 37 million people worldwide, besides the millions of others killed – but this has not brought any gains for the US – neither monetary nor political.
Perhaps, there is no remorse or regret in official circles in Washington for squandering the wealth of the American taxpayers for the benefit of illegal Israel and for the destabilization of several Arab countries.
In other words, the US is bankrupt – morally, spiritually, and of course financially.
It means the latest gimmick to push certain rootless and unrepresentative Arab regimes into open ties with Israel after decades of covert relationships, is nothing more than a desperate move by Trump and his team of terrorists, to try to stay in power in the White House for another four years.
9/11/2001, however is striking back with a vengeance, as is clear by the current mass movement in the US against racism and social justice – preceded a few years ago by the Wall Street Occupy Movement – and will soon lead to the collapse of the so-called American way of life, and with it the fast approaching end of Israel, along with the British created fiefdoms of the Persian Gulf and West Asia.
Nobody, whether in the United States or abroad, believes anything that the American government tells them anymore.

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