Sunday 20 September 2020
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Publish Date: 11 September 2020 - 23:42
TEHRAN (Dispatches) -- People rallied through the streets here on Thursday to protest blasphemous cartoons republished in a French satirical publication desecration of Islam’s holy book in Sweden.
The rally took place at Tehran’s Imam Hussein Square amid strict observance of health measures against the new coronavirus pandemic, with participants venting their anger at the French weekly Charlie Hebdo for insulting Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) through the outrageous cartoons.
They release a communiqué, expressing "heartfelt hatred and abomination” over the dual acts of profanity. The statement denounced French politicians, especially President Emmanuel Macron’s "pathetic silence” on Charlie Hebdo’s action under the "hollow pretext of freedom of speech.”
The statement said "the criminal U.S. regime and its infanticidal creation being Israel” are the most corrupt entities of the century, adding they were behind the latest provocation.
"We believe any Islamophobic and hostile move targeting billions of freedom-seeking people’s sanctities is the result of sinister plots hatched by these two entities,” it added.
The protesters finally blasted the "unforgivable act of treason” by the United Arab Emirates in normalizing relations with the Zionist regime, warning other Arab states against following in Abu Dhabi’s footsteps.
On Wednesday, People in Tehran and the holy city of Qom took to the streets to condemn the blasphemous cartoons.
In the Iranian capital, a group of students were joined by ordinary people as they gathered outside the French embassy before rallying to Palestine Square in downtown Tehran.
They shouted "Death to America”, and "Death to Israel”, saying the two regimes are behind all blasphemous moves against Islam. They also carried placards which denounced France’s role in stirring Islamophobia.
"France commits a crime and America supports it,” they chanted. The demonstrators also demanded the closure of the French embassy and the expulsion of the French ambassador.
In Qom, a group of seminary students gathered outside the foreign ministry office, demanding that France’s ambassador be summoned and decisively dealt with.  

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