Sunday 27 September 2020
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Publish Date: 07 September 2020 - 22:06

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

"When the blind lead the blind the two will definitely fall into a pit.”
This English proverb is an excellent description of the policies of the blundering administration of Donald Trump in all spheres, especially in foreign policy, which since 2018 is in the hands of the most incompetent person.
Reports in the US media speak of Mike Pompeo as the worst ever Secretary of State in American history, which means the worst ever president in the White House is not the lone person trapped in a blind alley.
As it happens in the shady world of real estate, Trump thought that US interaction with the outside world needs not be on the basis of diplomacy, and the way to quick success could be through a brainless gangster behaving in a brawny manner on the international scene.
The result has been the isolation of the US throughout the world, and the shunning of its blind policies by even its traditional allies, the West Europeans.
The US press has now begun to lament that Pompeo has presided over the collapse of talks with North Korea, the abortive pressure campaign against Iran, and the futile attempt to remove Venezuela’s elected president, Nicolas Maduro, from power, in addition to the senseless trade war with China.
It is worth recalling that in late April 2018, Pompeo – of Italian mafia origin as the surname suggests – was given charge of the State Department and 13 days later in May he pushed Trump to announce the US withdrawal from the 7-nation international treaty on Iran’s inalienable rights to peaceful nuclear energy known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action).
Pompeo then publicly set a dozen conditions for Iran, suggesting that his goal was nothing short of change of government in Tehran, on the misconstrued notion that the heroic Iranian people who over the past forty years have defeated all sorts of US plots, including economic sanctions, terrorism, and a devastating 8-year war imposed on the Islamic Republic by Saddam of the Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad on the orders of the Great Satan, would cave in.
He was proved wrong time and again, even after the US in an act of state terrorism, violated all diplomatic norms as well as international laws, including Iraq’s sovereignty, to cowardly kill through a drone attack Iran’s iconic anti-terrorist general, Qassem Soleimani, on January 3 this year at Baghdad International Airport where he had arrived on a state visit.
The result has been the worst loss of credibility the US has suffered in decades, including in relations with its closest allies, especially after the failure last month at the UN Security Council to extend an expiring arms embargo upon Iran.
Pompeo then followed this failure with another blundering move that has isolated the US on the international scene more than ever, by blindly insisting on the so-called ‘snapback’ UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic – a gambit called "illegal” by the UN Security Council president as well as almost all members including Germany, France, and Britain, since the US is no longer a party to the JCPOA and its mechanisms, which in the first place Iran has not violated.
It is an example of how Pompeo has driven US policy into a blind alley and made a laughing stock of himself when he continues to threaten Iran with what he calls the "most painful ever sanctions” unless Iran ends all uranium enrichment, discards its deterrent and defensive ballistic missile project, and withdraws its support to the regional governments and the popular mobilization forces determined to safeguard their independence from US hegemony.
The poor guy hasn’t read history, or else he and his boss wouldn’t be stumbling in the dark today. We are not sure whether Pompeo has any blood ties to Pompeius the ancient Roman warlord who puffed by his victories over Greeks, Jews, and some Arab tribes, violated the treaty with the Parthian Empire of a shared border on the northern banks of the River Euphrates in the Levant, in response to a message of continued cooperation from Phraates III (Emperor Farhad), little knowing that Rome was destined to suffer its most ignominious defeat in history.
We need not recall the decisive Battle of Carrhae (present day Harran on the Syrian-Turkish border), where in 53 BC, Marcus Crassus lost his life and the dignity of Rome when the Iranians led by Sepahbod Surena routed his army and captured several of the prestigious golden war standards, the Legionary Eagles, as the other two members of the ruling Triumvirate, Pompeius and Julius Caesar, helplessly heard the disastrous news and were afraid to take any action.
Today, thanks to the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian people are more powerful than at any other time in history, as is evident by their scaling of the peaks of progress in all fields to become model of emulation in the neighbourhood and beyond, with full trust in God Almighty.
Irrespective of the current treason of Arab reactionary regimes in establishing ties with Israel, which is certainly not an achievement for US foreign policy, it is time Washington understood that CENTCOM terrorists have to soon beat retreat from the region, since the hour is fast approaching for the end of the illegal Zionist entity, thanks to the policies of the three blind mice – Trump, Pompeo, and Jared Kushner.  

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