Sunday 27 September 2020
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Publish Date: 06 September 2020 - 22:27
TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced on Sunday that the country’s foreign trade amounted to $24.6 billion during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20- August 21).
The exports accounted for 38 million tons worth $10.9 billion and imports constituted 13.8 million tons worth $13.7 billion.
Iran’s trade with other countries in the fifth month to August 21 reached 9.82 million tons worth $5.37 billion. Out of this number, the share of exports hit 7.781 million tons worth $2.162 billion and also the share of imports reached 2.41 million tons worth $2.875 billion.
On this basis, China with 2.195 million tons worth $566 million, Iraq with 1.420 million tons worth $441 million, UAE with 1.324 million tons worth $338 million, Afghanistan with 514,000 tons worth $158 million, and Turkey with 226,000 tons worth $108 million, are the five top export destinations of the country during this period.
The mentioned countries account for 73% of the total exports of Iran in terms of weight and more than 74% in terms of value.
The top five exporters to Iran in the fifth month to August 21 were China with 335,000 tons worth $746 million, UAE with 390,000 tons worth $707 million, Turkey with 227,000 tons worth $297 million, India with 152,000 tons worth $ 184 million, and Germany with 55,000 tons worth $ 125 million.

Isfahan Exports to Eurasia Hit $227,000

The head of the Agricultural Organization of the Isfahan province Mehrdad Moradmand has reported that agricultural products worth $227,000 were exported from the province to Eurasian countries in the four calendar months to July 21.
"Despite the obstacles caused by the coronavirus, Isfahan province exported worth $227,000 worth of agricultural products to some Eurasian countries in the first four months of the current year (March 20-July21),” Moradmand said .
Eurasian countries including Armenia, the Russian Federation, and Kazakhstan were the export destinations of the Isfahan province in the four months, the official added.
Pepper was the most exported product to Eurasian countries, he said and added that pepper, onion, and shallot were exported to Russia, and Milk cream is another product which was exported from this province to Armenia and Kazakhstan during this period.

Semnan Exports 96,000 Tons of Non-Oil Goods

And also, Ali Teshnehdel, head of Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Semnan province said that a total of 96,000 tons of non-oil goods have been exported from the province since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 20).
The exported volume was at the value of $79 million, Ali Teshnehdel said.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, UAE, Pakistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan were the most important destinations for exports from this province, he said.
This is while $360 million of goods were imported into the province in the said time, according to the official.
As he informed, machinery and equipment, raw materials, chemical products, textile materials, components and parts of household appliances, metal products, auto parts, raw materials for the production of sanitary products and detergents were among the major goods imported by Semnan in the said period.

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