Thursday 01 October 2020
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Publish Date: 10 August 2020 - 21:40

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

While the people of Beirut are still in a state of deep shock at the huge blast that rocked the portside last week, claiming over a 150 lives so far, inflicting varying degrees of injuries on more than six thousand others, and leaving some 300,000 homeless, the regimes of the US and West Europe, especially France, are playing dirty politics.
This is evident by the unwarranted visit to the Lebanese capital by French president Emanuel Macron in the immediate aftermath of the massive explosion and his unsavoury remarks, instead of sympathies for the victims and survivors, including the threat to undermine the elected government.
Macron is mistaken if he thinks that Paris can still dictate to Beirut as it used to do between the two world wars of the last century.
It may be legal for him in France to marry a woman his grandma’s age and become stepfather to sons and daughters who seem to be his uncles and aunts, but he has no right to interfere with the state of affairs in Lebanon.
It is ridiculous for the French president, or for that matter the president of the US, to impose their wills on the Lebanese people and government on the pretext of forcing western-oriented reforms that neither guarantee Lebanon’s independence and territorial integrity nor resolve the economic hardships of the people, let alone save them from the aggressions of the illegal Zionist entity next door in Occupied Palestine.
The people of Lebanon are mature enough to run their country and resolve their problems without outside, or so-called international probe for the Beirut blasts, which could be properly investigated by the Lebanese officials themselves.
The least the West can do in this regard, provided it is sincere, is to console the bereaved nation, when it cannot or will not provide any relief to the blast-stricken people.
The unruly scenes of the past few days in Beirut where rioters on the payroll of the West, the Zionists, and Arab reactionary regimes, are trying to disturb the peace of the survivors by posing as patriots and calling for the resignation of the elected government, warrants tough disciplinary measures from the authorities in order to prevent chaos.
Lebanon needs all the patriotic Lebanese, whether Muslims, Christians, or Druze, to knit ranks and rally to the rescue of the country at this critical moment, rather than allow miscreants to indulge in open lawlessness on the streets and at government buildings vandalized by these criminals.
As usual, the legendary anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, has declared its support for the nation, pledging to mobilize all efforts to help overcome the present crisis, in addition to its heroic role in guarding the southern frontiers of Lebanon against any provocative move by Israel.
The other political and religious groups of Lebanon have also announced their readiness and like the Shi’a Muslims who constitute the largest single group of the country, have already swung into action to redress the plight of the survivors of the tragedy.
Friendly Muslim countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, have rushed much needed relief aid to Lebanon, such as foodstuff, tents, blankets, and field hospitals.
In view of these facts, Macron should be told without the least formalities, that his unwarranted visit has caused enough damage and now he is no longer welcome in Beirut.
The authorities and people of Lebanon have decided that once the probe is complete and causes known for the blast – whether it was an accident or enemy attack – the culprits will be made to pay dearly.

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