Friday 22 January 2021
News ID: 81345
Publish Date: 02 August 2020 - 21:46

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It wasn’t the first time that Iran’s anti-terrorist operatives had nabbed a wanted terrorist abroad and brought the criminal home for trial and punishment, but the latest operation deep inside enemy territory to bring home a murderous traitor for public confession of his crime and deserving fate has astonished western spy networks, the CIA and Mossad in particular.
The operation was so perfect and so elaborately planned that the enemies had no idea of its occurrence until Iran chose to announce it once the terrorist was in custody back home after failing to avoid the long hands of law from whose reach he used to boast that he was absolutely safe.
FBI has now been left wondering how it was caught napping while its terrorist protégé who was seemingly safe on the 6th floor of its headquarters in the US, was nabbed and taken to the other side of the world in Iran!
With the arrest of the California-based terrorist Jamshid Sharmahd and his initial appearance in Tehran on the IRIB Channel to admit his murderous acts against the innocent and unsuspecting citizens of Iran, including the bombing of a religious gathering at the Hosseiniyeh Seyyed osh-Shohada in Shiraz in 2008 that left 14 men and children martyred and injured over two hundred others, a general panic has gripped all traitorous ringleaders of terrorist outfits abroad that they may be next on the list.
Reports indicate that many of the notorious hypocrites, whose hands are stained with the blood of the Iranian people, have already gone underground and are begging their bosses in the government corridors of France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, and other countries, to somehow protect them from the long reach of Iran’s anti-terrorist laws.
If only these treasonous elements who are unworthy to be called Muslims or Iranians, had some iota of faith or for that matter real love for the religion they claim to practice and the culture of the country they claim to be their homeland –but never hesitate to sell their faith to the devil and their land of birth to the Americans and the Zionists!
In such a case, first of all they would not have committed such ghastly crimes against their co-religionists, country, and compatriots.
And in case, because of their weak faith or greed for easy money and dreams of power that does not belong to them, they had been forced to indulge in acts of terrorism against the Islamic Republic of Iran by their masters in London, Paris, Berlin, Washington, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh, (and formerly in Baghdad), they would have long repented to the All-Merciful Lord or would have pleaded humbly to the Iranian masses and the legal authorities for commuting of the deserving punishment.
Still there is time for many of the deceived elements abroad, whose crimes against the Iranian people are not so sanguine, to detach themselves from the traitorous ringleaders and seek forgiveness from the Iranian nation, which will indeed welcome them to its fold.
The coming trial of Sharmahd, whose terrorist plans included bombing of a dam near Shiraz and use of cyanide bombs to disrupt the Tehran International Book Fair, will indeed be interesting.
It will expose to the world, how the US – or for that matter certain European regimes – provide not just safe haven but all kinds of support for murderous traitors to try to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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