Saturday 08 August 2020
News ID: 81330
Publish Date: 02 August 2020 - 21:44
TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Iran’s customs Administration (IRICA) spokesman Rouhollah Latifi has said that the country’s foreign trade reached $19.635 billion during first four months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20 to July 21).
Latifi put the volume of the foreign trade in this period at over 42 million tons.
The proven volume of non-oil exports, excluding crude oil, fuel oil and kerosene as well as luggage trade, was over 30,285,000 tons, worth $8.713 billion, showing around 40% reduction as compared to the same period in last year, he added.
Up to 11,793,000 tons of commodities, worth $10.922 billion, were imported into the country in this period, setting over 24% decline compared to the same period, last year, IRICA spokesman further said.
Iran exported over 30 million tons of non-oil products, valued at $8.713 billion, in the first four months of the current year, Latifi noted.
Our major export destinations in this period included, China with importing 8,469,000 tons of Iranian products, worth $2.474 billion, followed by Iraq with importing 6,446,000 tons of products, worth $1.965 billion, UAE with importing 4,625,000 tons of products, worth $4.216 billion, Afghanistan with importing 2,115,000 tons of products, worth $713 million, he added.

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