Tuesday 01 December 2020
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Publish Date: 01 August 2020 - 22:10

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It is obvious that the intricate American plots against Syria of the past nine years, in a vain bid to topple its legal and legitimate government, have miserably failed.
The much touted Caesar Act that is supposed to dry the primary source of income of President Bashar al-Assad is nothing more than a political ploy as is evident by its targeting, among other little known persons, of the president’s young son, Hafez, who is neither active in the political and commercial sectors, nor has any investments in the US.
If the US has any commonsense left, it will immediately wash its hands off Syria and end its criminal and terrorist acts in that country whose population continues to suffer because of Washington’s lawlessness.
The US is stealing Syrian oil right under the noses of the Syrian people of the Deir ez-Zore region who have no power to stop the American thieves.
Even the farmlands of Syria are regularly targeted by US drones as part of the inhuman scorched earth policy to deprive ordinary people of daily bread, including Syria’s vocal Christian minority, because it firmly supports the government in Damascus against the American-backed terrorists.
As a result, many Syrian people in the countryside where American agents operate are suffering from hunger, with food prices soaring up 5 or 7 times.
The conflict that has been raging in Syria since 2011 has caused an unbearable level of suffering for all the people in the country, but unfortunately the UN has turned a blind eye due to Washington’s pressures.
The claims of the European government on sending of so-called humanitarian aid to Syria is intended to deceive world public opinion since this supposed assistance does not reach those who have become homeless because of the US terror policies, let alone the areas under control of the government.
This relief aid is actually intended for the terrorists destabilizing Syria and those serving the American-European-Zionist interests.
This means the majority of Syrian people are deliberately left unsupported because of their support for President Assad, who has heroically stood steadfast against the enemies of Syria by inspiring the people and the army to fight back and liberate vast chunks of occupied territories.
The West knows that it is a matter of time before the Syrian national army will liberate terrorist-occupied Idlib and then turn towards the Deir ez-Zore region as well as the American occupied at-Tanf enclave on the Iraqi border.
In view of these facts, the enemies whose politically motivated goal of causing the downfall of the Syrian Government by obstructing foreign political engagement or investment in the country has failed are trying to play havoc with the lives of ordinary Syrian citizens.
The United Nations should know that Syrian lives matter too, and if there is any sense of neutrality left in the World Body it should be bold enough to criticize the lawlessness of the American regime for whom the lives of its Afro-American citizens do not matter at all.
Russia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, China, and other independent countries have strongly backed the government and are actively contributing to the rebuilding of Syria.
Much to the US chagrin, even Egypt and certain Arab countries have decided to cooperate with the Syrian government, and this has greatly annoyed Saudi Arabia and the illegal Zionist entity.
To sum up, if the US blindly continues its hostility, the situation in Syria is likely to strike it with vengeance, from which there will be no escape for Washington.

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